Charlie Gordon Timeline

  • Beginning of Journal

    An extremely illterate person named Charlie Gordon begins a journal at the request of a doctor: "Dr. Straus says I shud rite down what I think and every thing that happins to me from now on (371).
  • Start of the experiments

    Their going to use me! Im so excited I can hardly write. Dr Nemur and Dr Strauss had a argament about it first. Dr Nemur was in the office when Dr Straus brot me in. (374)
  • The Operation

    "The operashun dint hurt. He did it while I was sleeping" (376).
  • No More School

    "I asked him when I can go back to to the class at Miss Kinnians school. He said I won't go there." (378)
  • Beating Algernon

    "I beat Algernon! I dint even know I beat him until burt the tester told me" (378).
  • Finally Becoming Smarter

    "What a dope I am! I didn't even understand what she was talking about. I read the grammar book last night and it explains the whole thing. (382)
  • Realizing his friends made fun of him

    "It's a funny thing I never knew that Joe and Frank and the others liked to have me around all the time to make fun of me. (383)
  • IQ 200

    "So I still don't know what I.Q. is except mine is going to be over 200 soon." (384)
  • Helping out the factory

    "I figured out a new way to line up the machines in the factory, and Mr. Donnegan says it will save him ten thousand dollars a year in labor and increased production" (386).
  • Date with Miss Kinnian

    "I got up the nerve today to ask Miss Kinnian to have dinner with me tomorrow night to celebrate my bonus" (386)
  • Algernon Dies

    "Algernon died two days ago. Dissection shows my predictions were right." (396)
  • Relapse

    "Charlie made a mistske..."I did a dumb thing today I forgot I wasnt in miss Kinnians class at the adult center any more like i use to be" (400).