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Between the Wars

  • Frances Willard

    Frances Willard
    She helped with the women's suffrage act. Since people were starting to decide to have alcohol or not she thought it would be a good idea, for women to start to vote
  • Federal Reserve System

    Federal Reserve System
    This made it to where people had a more stable way of keeping there money safe and they knew that spending others peoples money they worked for was wrong but they did it anyways. This made it to where banks could not do that anymore and people actually had there money.
  • Langston Hughes

    Langston Hughes
    He was a writer and wrote about how things were during the great depression.He was very good writer who most people really enjoyed reading his stuff.
  • Warren G. Harding's "Return to Normalcy"

    Warren G. Harding's "Return to Normalcy"
    It was the return of a big business,before the World War 1. It helped with republic rules.
  • Jazz Music

    Jazz Music
    It was music african americans did a lot in new orleans. It was a very different type of music and it was a great thing for very many different people since they loved to dance to it.
  • The Great Migration

    The Great Migration
    African Americans moved from one place to another because they were kicked out of there homes and were told to move somewhere else.
  • Clarence Darrow

    Clarence Darrow
    He helped with an arrest that would help people feel better when life happened.He did not help enough though because they person got the death penalty.
  • Prohibition & the 18th Amendment

    Prohibition & the 18th Amendment
    Alcohol was a big thing and it was something that was not suppose to be drinking. Drinking was a big deal since every time you turned around someone was drunk and not in a very good mood because of alcohol.
  • Tin Pan Alley

    Tin Pan Alley
    It was a a name given to song writers from New York City who loved music and who wanted to publish there music. They had people come from all over the place to hear there music.
  • William Jennings Bryan

    William Jennings Bryan
    He was known as the "The Great Commoner". He was nominated 3 times to be "The President President of the Uniter States. He then did not get president because of "William McKinley."
  • 1st Red Scare

    1st Red Scare
    Many people had a very big fear of Russia since they were keeping an eye on all of us and we were not doing really anything about it since there was nothing that we could really do, we could fight but that would just cause a lot of problems.
  • Marcus Garvey

    Marcus Garvey
    He was very well known for a lot like making the Universal Negro Improvement Association and African Communities League.He helped many people back in the days.
  • Tea Pot Dome Scandal

    Tea Pot Dome Scandal
    Federal oil got sold to a private oil company when it was not suppose to.This is important because it was a bribery in the united states that lasted for 2 years.
  • Stock Market Crash "Black Tuesday"

    Stock Market Crash "Black Tuesday"
    Money was starting to go out of the door.They lost so much money it was roughly $14 billion. It was so much money it would be very hard to come back now days
  • Henry Ford

    Henry Ford
    He invented the car called the "T Ford." It was a great thing that was used back in the day so people can get from point A to point B faster.
  • Harlem Renaissance

    Harlem Renaissance
    African American tradition to celebrate like party animals. They would be grateful for a lot of things and this went from the 1920's to the 1930's. They celectrated the black way of life,tradition and voice.
  • Scopes Monkey Trail

    Scopes Monkey Trail
    A teacher violated the Tennessee law in school because he was a teacher he thought he could teach evolution instead of the divine creation of man but many parents and the school were not ok with that in the slightest.
  • Charles A. Lindbergh

    Charles A. Lindbergh
    He went across the atlantic non stop by himself. He was important because he was one of the en who flew his airplane across the ocean which he named his plane "Spirit of St. Louis."
  • Social Darwinism

    Social Darwinism
    It is survival of the fittest. It was to help with other people and to see who was strong and who was kind of weaker.
  • The Dust Bowl

    The Dust Bowl
    People moved out to the middle of no where and tried to farm but when they did not do it correctly they just kept making things worse for themselves.There were so many droughts and the wind would just make so many dust storms that it was crazy.
  • Franklin D. Roosevelt

    Franklin D. Roosevelt
    He was the 32nd president. He was trying to help man people after they lost like all of there money to a crazy bank again.
  • Eleanor Roosevelt

    Eleanor Roosevelt
    She was one the first unspoken women in the white house, after she decided to marry Franklin D. Roosevelt
  • Civilian Conservation Corp

    Civilian Conservation Corp
    This program helped because it put unemployed men that were not married into work since FDR put this program into action. It was originally for men from the ages 18-25 and then they went to 17-28.
  • Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation

    Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation
    Money was not used for everyone back in the day but now the bank is not allowed to do whatever they want anymore with other peoples money
  • 20th Amendment

    20th Amendment
    This amendment helps for if the president ever dies, so that someone will take there place when they are gone.
  • The New Deal

    The New Deal
    Franklin D. Roosevelt made a deal to help after the great depression so that people could try to get back on there feet.He had a plan that was called the 3 R's which stood for Relief,Recovery, and Reform.
  • 21st amendment

    21st amendment
    It allowed the consumption of alcohol but you had to be 18 or older to have it.It made it easier somewhat to make sure that alcohol was consumed by the right people and you would not really get in trouble for it.
  • Securities and Exchange Commission

    Securities and Exchange Commission
    They make sure that everything goes smoothly. It allows stocks,bonds, and debentures in the united States of America. This made things very easy for people to make sure that nothing bad happened to there company or anything.
  • 1936 Summer Olympics

    1936 Summer Olympics
    It was to let people who were really good at a sport let people watch them do what they are good at. There were 28 different sports that people would compete in.
  • Social Security Administration

    Social Security Administration
    This made sure that people would stay safe. This helped people when things happened that were bad.
  • The Great Depression

    The Great Depression
    People ran out of money because they were spending so much money on alcohol and prostitutes. After this it took a while for people to finally get back on there feet and realize that they made a big mistake.