Chapter 8: A New Nation

  • George Wahington is elected president

  • Washington takes the oath of office

  • Judiciary Act sets up federal court system

  • St. Clair's froces are badly beaten by Little Turtle

    Little Turlte= chief of miami people
    over 600 americans died in the battle by the Wabash River
  • Bill of Rights added to Constitution

  • Washington's second term begins

  • The Whiskey Rebellion

    farmers in Pennsylvania attack tax collectors in protest of Hamiltons taxes on whiskey
  • Battle of Fallen Timbers

    former Revolutionary War gerneral Anthony Wayne defeats over 1000 Native Americans under Shawnee chief Blue Jacket
  • Pinckney's Treaty

    gives Americans righte to free navigation of the Mississippi River and right to trade at New Orleans
  • Election of 1796

    Adams is Federalist candidate:
    Jefferson is Democratic- Republican candidate
  • Adams administration takes office

    Jefferson is VP
  • XYZ affair

    adams sent a delegation to France to avoid war. French forieign minister Charles de Talleyrand refused to meet with the americans and instead sent 3 agents who demanded a bribe from the americans. the americans refused and sent a report to adams who demanded that war be declared on the french. the 3 french agents were called X, Y, and Z so the incendent became known as the XYZ affair
  • Congress passes Alien and Sedition acts

    laws passed by fedaralists to protect the nation's security because of paranoia against French