Chapter 7

Timeline created by Htoo Nah Moo
In History
  • 1635

    The first free school in Virginia opens. However, education in the southern colonies is more typically provided at home by parents or tutors.
  • 1638

    Hartford Public High School opens in Hartford Connecticut. It is "the second oldest secondary school in the United States."
  • 1640

    Henry Dunster becomes president of Harvard College. He teaches all the courses himself.
  • 1690

    The first New England Primer is printed in Boston. It becomes the most widely-used schoolbooks in New England.
  • 1754

    The French and Indian War begins in colonial America as the French and their Indian allies fight the English for territorial control.
  • 1785

    The University of Georgia becomes America's first state-chartered university.
  • 1787

    The Young Ladies Academy opens in Philadelphia and becomes the first academy for girls in the original 13 colonies.
  • 1801

    James Pillans invents modern blackboard.
  • 1821

    Boston English High School, one of the first public schools in the U.S., opens.
  • 1837

    Louisville, Kentucky appoints the first school superintendent.
  • 1839

    The first state-funded school specifically for teacher education opens in Lexington, Massachusetts.
  • 1851

    The New York Asylum for Idiots opens
  • 1855

    The University of Iowa is the first state university to admits men and women on an equal basis.
  • 1869

    Boston creates the first public day school for the deaf
  • 1875

    The Civil Rights Act is passed, banning segregation in all public accommodations. The Supreme Court rules it unconstitutional in 1883.