Chapter 25.1 unification of Italy

  • Cavour and the peace conference

    Cavour and the peace conference
    Cavour participated in the 1856 peace conference which ended the Crimean War
  • Military Preperation

    Military Preperation
    Cabour began military preparations for the war. Austria declared the war. The war went according to plan. Tuscany, Modena, and Parma overthrew their Austrian rulers.
  • Victor Emmanuel king

    Victor Emmanuel king
    In 1861 Victor Emmanuel II was confirmed king of Italy. Various states confirmed him as king.
  • Italy gains Venetia

    Italy gains Venetia
    Itlay went to war with Austria. Italy won the war. Italy gained Venetia.
  • Union in Italy

    Union in Italy
    Romes citizens voted for union in Italy. Rome was proclaimed capital of the kingdom of Itlay. Even though Italy had unity, it still faced many problems. Few people in Italy had experience with self government,