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Chapter 25.1

By yunho50
  • Guieseppe Mazzini

    Guieseppe Mazzini
    Mazzini has organized a a group named "Young Italy" which was a group of partiotics. They tried making Italy a free and independent country. But on the short side Victor Emmanuel has been given the title of "King of Italy".
  • It's time to improve our land

    It's time to improve our land
    Cavour wanted to reorganized and also steghtened the Sardinian army. He helped build banks, factoreis, and railroads. Through this it helped influence on the political church. He also sided with Frane and Great Britain durin the Crimean war.
  • Napoleon III Joins Forces With Cavour

    Napoleon III Joins Forces With Cavour
    Napoleon the III has joined forces with Camillo di Cavour to attack on the Austrians. Through this attack Napoleon and Cavour wanted to gain two small territories in Italy. These two territories are Nice and savoy.
  • We will never forget unity!!!!!

    We will never forget unity!!!!!
    Italian people will never leave the the idea of how unification is still in the grasps of the people. But on the ohter hand there is rebellions from Parma, Modena, and Tuscany also expelled the Austiran rulers. Also the people of Romagna revolted against the idea of unification.
  • Giuseppe Garibaldi

    Giuseppe Garibaldi
    Guiseppe Garibaldi has his army group called the "RED SHIRTS" went to go overhtrow their rilef of the Kingdom of the Two Sicilies. He also started a trip called "Expedition of the Thousand" it was to help trap Sicily. On his way to war he picked up troops from like Naples and the border of the Papal States.