Chapter 13

  • Spanish government offers land

    The Spanish Government offers land to Land Speculaters.
  • Santa Fe Trail

    Wiliam Becknell founds the Santa Fe Trail.
  • Rendezvous system

    William Henry Ashley creates the Renezvous system.
  • Settling Texas

    Stephen Austin atracts settlers into Texas.
  • Mormons were founded

    The Mormons were founded by Joeseph Smith.
  • South pass

    Jedediah Smith discovered south pass.
  • Fight for Alamo

    Juan Seguin and his troops held the Alamo for 12 days.
  • Victory at San Jacinto

    Houston used the element of surprise on Santa Anna near San Jacinto.
  • Polk elected

    James K Polk was elected the eleventh President.
  • American blood on American soil

    A Mexican Unit crossed the Rio Grande and ambushed an American Patrol.
  • Troubles with Mexico

    Texas and Mexico couldn't agree on borders.
  • Bear Flag Revolt

    Californians fight against the Mexican Government.
  • Fighting in Mexico

    Taylor Battled Santa Anna's troops for 2 days near Beuna Vista
  • Treaty of Guadalupe HIdalgo

    Mexico recognized Texas as a state, agreed that the Rio Grande is the border for Texas, and gave up the Mexican Cession.
  • Start of Gold Rush

    James Marshal finds gold in a river.
  • Gold Rush Peak

    The Peak of the Gold Rush was in 1852