Chapers 24-26

  • Events of 1862

    Congress authorizes trancontinental railraoad
  • Morill Act

    Morill Act provides public land for higher education
  • Homestead Act

    Homestead Act
  • Events of 1864

    Sand Creek massacre
    Nevada admitted to Union
  • Events of 1866

    National Labor Union organized
    First working transatlantic telegraph cable
  • Events of 1869

    Transcontinental railroad joined near Ogdon, Utah
  • Wyoming

    Wyoming Territory grant women rights
  • Company

    Standard Oil Company organized
  • Events of 1973

    Comstock Law
    Construction of New York's Central Park officially completed
  • Event sof 1874

    WCTU organized
    Chautauqua education movement launched
    Impressionist artist debut in Paris
  • Phone

    Bell invents telephone
  • Events of 1876

    Battle of Bighorn
    Colorado admitted to Union
  • Electiric

    Edison invents electric light
  • Events of 1879

    Dumbbell tenement introduced
    Mary Baler Eddy establishes Christian Science
    Salvation Army begins work in America
  • Events of 1881

    Booker T Washington becomes head of Tuskegee Institute
    American Red Cross founded
    Henry James publishes The Portrait of aLady
  • Immigration

    First Immigration-restriction laws passed
  • Completed railroad

    Canadian Pacific Railway, first transcontinental rail line, completed acorss Canada
  • Interstate

    Interstate Commerce Act
  • Events of 1887

    APA formed
    Hatch Act supplements Morill Act
  • Dawes Severalty Act

    Dawes Severalty Act
  • Trust

    Sherman Anti-Trust Act
  • Events of 1891

    Battle of Wounded Knee
    Construction of Tans-Siberian Railroad begins