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Changes in the Process of Identification

  • The Behavior Rating Profile

  • Hoover and Collier suggest need to understand relationship between school-related behaviors and cultural customs.

  • The Waksman Social Skills Rating Scale (Waksman)

  • Conner's Teacher Rating Scale

  • Walker and McConnell's Scale of Social Competence and School Adjustment.

  • -1997 school year saw a 33-fold difference between the lowest and highest State identification rates of school-aged youth.

  • McIntrye & Forness support including social maladjustments and conduct disorders.

  • McIntyre difines cognitive style as "the way in which one acquires, processes/analyses, and displays knowledge."

  • -1998 .74% of all school-aged special education students were identified as EBD.

  • IDEA 97 defines emotional disturbances.

  • Social Skills Rating System

  • Behavior Assessment System for Children (Reynolds & Kamphaus)

  • Behavioral and Emotional Rating Scale (Epstein & Sharma)

  • Garbarino studies support underlying pyschological and emotional disturbances of students who act in violent or distructive ways.

  • Study reports 28 of 44 states exclude students with social maladjustments from eligability.