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Ch. 25: The Age of Western Imperialism

  • Period: to

    Britain loses North American colonies AND establishes itself as ruler of India

  • Napoleon sold Louisiana territory to the U.S. (Fr, pol)

  • British ban slave trade (soc)

  • Robert Fulton invents the steamboat

  • Parliament permits British Cristian missionaries to work in India

  • Society for the Propagation of the Faith (France)

  • Monroe Doctrine (US, GB, econ, pol)

    closed the Americas to European colonialism
  • ~1830s British control over India complete (pol, econ)

    East India Company had control: company of merchants chartered by parliament in 1600
    Expanded authority through warfare and negotiations
  • Charles X launches military exped vs. Algiers (France)

    saw fertile coastal regions as good land for a settler colony
  • Period: to

    First Opium War (Ch, GB, econ)

    British wanted to impose free trade of Obpium in China
    Control of Hong Kong
    Christian missionaries allowed in CHina
    ports opened
  • First submarine cable laid between GB and Fr

    norvous system of the civilized world
  • US under Matt Perry arrived in Japanese waters

  • Period: to

    Second Opium War (GB, FR, Ch, econ)

    Britain alliance with France, forced chinese to allow foreign envoys to establish embassies in Beijing, open more ports and areas of foreign trade, and missionaries operate more freely
  • End of rule of Mughal Empire in India

  • SEPOY REBELLION (India, GB, soc, pol, cult)

    religious conflict, misunderstanding with cartridges on guns
    tens of thousands die from repressions and murder
  • British back in control of India

  • Suez Canal*** (GB, FR)

    french enginers, no longer had to sail around africa to get to asia
  • Period: to


  • Period: to

    "Great Depression"

  • GB control of Suez Canal

  • King Leopold II of Belgium formed Int'l African Assoc

    colonial ambitions, disguise of humanitarian concern for Africans
    gathered people in brussels, including Henry Morton Stanley, who got africans to sign "treaties"----> BRUTAL ECON EXPLOITATION
  • Disraeli declared Queen Victoria to be Empress of India

    after bringing India under rule of the Crown (away from EIC)
  • French est. protectorate over Tunisia

  • Muhammad Ahmad (muslim egypt leader) annihilated exped force

  • Berlin Conference

    partition of Africa
  • Hindus found Indian National Congress

    goals of modernizing Indian life and liberalizing british policy
  • Germany rule in Africa

    Southwest Africa, Togoland, Cameroons, East Africa
  • Royal Niger Company (GB, pol, econ)

  • Gold discovered in Transvaal, SA

  • Muslims organize the Muslim League in India

    sought an independent Muslim state
  • Japan seizes Taiwan from CHina

  • Period: to

    Joseph Chamberlain colonial secretary in GB

  • Battle of Omdurman (GB)

    Br army w/ Kitchener vs. Sudanese force w/ less advanced weapons
    10,000 african warriors killed, 48 British men killed
  • Spanish-American War

    US: puerto rico, philippines, Guam, Hawaii
  • US proposes Open Door Policy in Far East

  • Boxer Rebellion (Au-Hu, Fr, Ge, It, Ja, Ru, UK, US invade China)

    rebellion endangered Western missionaries and western interest in china
  • Imperialism: A Study by J.A. Hobson (GB, soc, econ, pol)

    motives for NI are economic
    opposed GB conquest of SA durin the Boer War
  • Boer War (GB)

  • Anglo-French Entente

  • Herero revolt in S-W Africa vs. Germans w/ von Trotha

    80% died by 1908
  • Anglo-Russian Convention

  • Belgium takes over Congo from Leo II

  • British combined SA colonies into confed

  • Japan annexes Korea

  • Italy- Libya from Turkey

  • Euro powers sought to maximize strategic control of African territory, markets, and raw materials

  • French protectorate in Morocco

  • GB combined territories into Nigeria

  • Lenin adopts and modifies Hobson's Ideas: Imperialism: the Highest Stage of Capitalism

    monopoly stage of capitalism (last stage of a dying system)
    competition leads to monopoly
    Lenin wanted revolution