Central highschool's nine

  • Brown v. Board of Education of Topeka is declared Unconstitutional

    The case was delcared unconstitutional and the act saying all schools must be desegregated was put into effect and Little Rock High School said that they would desegregate their highschool.
  • Period: to

    Arkansas Nine

  • Arkansas National Guard

    Governor Orval Faubus made the National Guard in Arkansas surround the highschool and now allow the Little Rock Nine into the school.
  • Angry mob surrounds school to protest desegregation

    1000 whites, mostly parents of kids in the school, gather and surround Central High School in order to protest the arrival of the Nine African American students coming to school.
  • Little Rock police step in

    Little Rock Police are forced to step in and remove the students for their own saftey.
  • President Eisenhower Steps in

    President Eisenhower hears about the mobs and treatment to these students and the action of Governonr Orval Faubus. Eisenhower takes fedral control of Arkansas Nation Guard and orders them to protect the nine African American Students going to school the next day.
  • 101st Airborn Division called to help.

    1200 members from Kentuckys 101st Airborn Division, "Screaming Eagles", are called in and placed at the school under goverment control.
  • First day back

    The "Little Rock Nine" are escorted to school by Little Rock Police, Arkansas National Guard, and Kentuckys 101st Airborne Division. This will be their first day of school.
  • Elizabeth Eckford goes to school alone

    Elizabeth Eckford did not have a phone and could not be contacted to be escorted to school through the mobs so she took the journey alone. She walked through the mob to the bus stop where 2 friendly whites sat with her to comfort and protect her until the bus came. When she arrived at the school she was then escorted with military protection through out the day.
  • "Little Rock Nine" are escorted from class to class

    The nine African American students were escorted and followed throught he halls outside to p.e. by the National Guard and Airborne Division in order to ensure the safty of the students.
  • Minnie Jean Brown fsuspended

    Minnie Jean brown, one of the "Little Rock Nine", was the first to get suspended and later expelled from school. When Minnie was walking through the lunch room with her lunch one day a few boys slammed their chairs into her and she fell over food and all. So, Minnie took her chili and dumped it on those boys heads which lead to a suspension.
  • Minnie Brown Kicked out

    Minnie was then kicked out of Central High School because, a girl hit Minnie in the face with a purse, called her harsh names and spit on her, resulting in Minnie calling her "white trash" and walking off. Kids would walk the halls handing out cards that said, "1 down 8 to go."
  • Graduation

    Ernest Green is the first African American student to graduate from Central High School.
  • Central High School closes

    The school board closed, Central High School, becuase they said they could no longer afford to pay security to keep peace in the schools. Governor Orval Faubus also stated that the school was closed to stop the option of integration in his school system from happening.
  • Central High School Re-opens

    Central High School re-opens to public.