Central Asia 1750-1900

  • Central Asia behind in innovation

    Central Asia behind in innovation
    Before the Russians took over Central Asia lacked in centralized government and was ran mostly by indigenous people. For seven centuries Russia was cut off from the Black Sea to Manchuria.
  • Conflict

    Slavic Russians thought TRukic of Central Asia to be between Chistians and "infidels" or btween the civilized and the "barbaric".
  • Russian Invasion

    Russian Invasion
    When central Asia was under the rule of Genhgis Khan Russia was to weak to invade forces. When they were not Russians could defeat them. Russian forces advanced into Central Asia btween 1865-1876.
  • Tsarist Empire

    Central Asia conquered and became party of the Tsarist Empire. ALso under this empire at the time was Inland, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, and Ukraine.
  • Global Capitalism

    Russia's main reason for taking control of Central Asia was more power in trade. The location had accuse to many different trade ports. With the invasion Russia did not try an reform customs or religion. They just wanted to resources and trade routes.
  • Qing Empire

    Qing Empire
    By the 1860's and 1870's the Qing Empire was losing control over Central Asia. Making it very easy for Russians to take over without much force. Instead of industralizing Central Asia they plant many cottons fields and used it for its agricultural resources.
  • Railroads

    When Russian were in control of Central Asia they had railroads built connecting the region to Europe. Central Asia become more open to trade and other European countries.
  • Irrigation

    While most coutries in the time period were focusing on innovation and Industrialization not all were. Many places were working on irrigation and makeing their soil healthier. Central Asiairrigation brought more acres under cultivation in one forty year span than ever before.
  • Nomads Starve

    Nomads Starve
    Russians took control of the farm land nomads used for survival. The land taken was great farm land and not overly used. Russian Imperialists wanted the land to gain power in trade and agriculture
  • Russia Power

    Russia Power
    At the start of the 20th century Central Asia was still under the power of Russia but at this time many coutries under Ruissian power started to rebel. Soon there would be an on set of revolutions.