Causes of the Civil War

  • Slavery(when they were first imported)

    Slavery(when they were first imported)
    Slavery was one of the big causes of the Civil War because it was allowed in some states but not others. The Northern States were against slavery and felt as if the blacks should be free. The South thought that they needed slaves to help the production of cotton. The slaves had to work long, hard days. They were treated poorly. Some of the Northerners reffered to the Constitutions as evidence that slavery was wrong. It states that all men are created equal, and the Southerners would abuse them.
  • Abolitionist Movement(when it began)

    Abolitionist Movement(when it began)
    The main goal of the abolitionist movement was to free all of the slaves in the southern states. The abolitionist movement happened in the 18th and 19th centuries. Another goal of this movement was to end the Atlantic Slave Trade. The main reason that it was started is because the slaveholders extended their farms which made them believe that they needed more slaves.The Northerners felt that slavery was wrong so this movement tried to end it.
  • Import/Export Taxes On The South

    Import/Export Taxes On The South
    There were many taxes that were placed on the South. Most of those taxes had to deal with imorting and exporting goods. This was a major issue because they were importing lots of slaves. The North felt as if that would stop them from having slaves. Tarrifs were put on goods that the North needed to manufacture goods that they needed, and it placed a tax on imports brought into the South, most of them were on slaves. The South had to pay way more on the import taxes because they bought slaves.
  • The Economical and Social Differences

    The Economical and Social Differences
    In the North, they have textile mills and are becoming industrialized. In the South, most of the population is slaveholders. There is a lot of cotton produced in the South. The North manufactures there own goods. The religious beliefs were different. Southerners were very violent, and hated blacks and used them to make money. In the North, they manufactured new goods. In the South, they felt that they needed slaves. That was the major economical difference.
  • The Underground Railroad

    The Underground Railroad
    The Underground Railroad happened around 1810 to 1850. It was set up by many individuals which felt as if slavery was wrong. The Underground Railroad was set up to get slaves to the North and Canada. It was a way for the slaves to reach their freedom. It was a process that was rather hard for the slaves because they had to escape the slaveholders, which was not easy. Hariet Tubman made 19 trips to the South and led over 300 slaves to freedom. The North helped the slaves escape from their owners.
  • Missouri Compromise

    Missouri Compromise
    During this act, Missouri becomes a slave-state, and Maine becomes a free-state. It was used as a balance in power by Congress between free and slave states. There were two bills: one was the Maine and one was the Missouri. The Senate decided that it would be best to combine the two bills into one. In 1854, the act was repealed by the Kansas-Nebraska Act. Missouri became the 24th state on August 10, 1821. Thomas Jefferson felt as if it was necessary because Missouri was in the Lousiana Purchase.
  • States Rights

    States Rights
    The states rights was a debate between the states of the North and the South because the South feels as if harsh laws are being passed by the federal government. This furiated Southerners. The 13 original colonies were already thinking of ways to make all of the states equal, but they wanted a strong central government. This is where some states felt as if they should have more power than the federal level. They then have the right to abolish slavery within a certain state.
  • The Election Of 1860

    The Election Of 1860
    The election of 1860 is known as one of the most important of all time. The election was between Lincoln and Douglas. The reason that this could be considered a cause of the Civil War is because the two parties debated on which one of the candidates had a better chance of freeing the slaves. Also, when Lincoln wins the election, his first goal is to free the slaves. He does not want it to go to war, but it does because the South was going to remove themselves from the Union.
  • The Southern Secession

    The Southern Secession
    After Abraham Lincoln won the election of 1860, the South felt as if the federal government was becoming too strong. The Southerners felt as if the North should not control them, and they felt as if they had to secede otherwise they would be told how to live by the North. 11 states seceded and made up te Confederate States. They elected Jefferson Davis as the President of the Confederacy. President Lincoln went as far as saying that he would fight to keep the Southern States part of the U.S.
  • First Shot Of The Civil War

    First Shot Of The Civil War
    The first shot of the Civil War was fired at Fort Sumter in Charleston, South Carolina. It was fired by the commander of the Confederate Army. It was fired because the Union was trying to regain the Harbour of South Carolina. The Confederates shot becuase they were trying to defend it. The Confederacy had no choice but to fire. The North told the South to surrender but they fired at the North.