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Catalina de Erauso

By amenich
  • Catalina de Erauso Born

    Catalina de Erauso Born
    Born in San Sebastián, province of Guipúzcoa, Spain (According to autobiography)
  • Period: to

    In Spain

  • Enters the Convent

    Enters the Convent
    Joins the Dominican convent of San Sebastián el Antiguo at the age of 4.
  • Catalina de Erauso Born

    Catalina de Erauso Born
    According to church records.
  • Escaped the Convent

    Escaped the Convent
    "There I grabbed some scissors, a needle and thread, some pieces
    of eight that were there, and the keys to the convent. Then, I
    left. [...] I went out into the street (which I had never seen before) not knowing which way to turn or where to go.." Catalina de Erauso cuts of her hair and fashioned men's clothes out of her former ware.
  • Name Change: Francisco Loyola

    Name Change: Francisco Loyola
    Catalina is now in Valladolid, after spending 3 months in Vitoria. She begins working as a page for don Juan de Idiáquez, secretary to the king.
  • Return to San Sebastián

    Return to San Sebastián
    "Finally, on a whim, I left that comfortable position and went
    back to my home town of San Sebastián, ten leagues away. There
    I was, well dressed and gallant, and no one recognized me. One
    day I even heard mass in my convent with my own mother there
    in attendance. She looked right at me without knowing me. At the
    conclusion of the mass, some nuns called to me from the choir.
    Pretending not to understand, I answered them very courteously
    and left."
  • Catalina de Erauso Leaves for Latin America

    Catalina de Erauso Leaves for Latin America
    "Although I was tempted to linger, I stayed there only two days, returning right away to Sanlúcar. There I met Captain Miguel de Echarreta, a native of my homeland. I enlisted as a cabin boy in the galleon of Captain Esteban Eguiño (my uncle, my mother's cousin), who lives today in San Sebastián. I embarked, and we set out from Sanlúcar on Holy Monday 1603."
  • Period: to

    in Latin America

  • Imprisoned in Guamanga

    Imprisoned in Guamanga
    Catalina de Erauso arrives in Guamanga and is imprisoned, at which time she reveals herself to the bishop, Agustín de Carvajal. This date is estimated based her note that the bishop died suddenly in 1620, within five months of her revelation.