CassAdam`s TMTT Timeline

  • Sequence #1

    Sequence #1
    Benno`s parents had decided that his brother and him would be sent away for their safety, because of Hitler`s non-Jewish laws.
  • Seqence #2

    Seqence #2
    Benno and Heinz went on a train to try and get out of Germany only with their birth certificates. They got turned back, but they tried to get in a different way, they go into Holland because they thought they were apart of another family.
  • Seqence #3

    Seqence #3
    Benno and Heinz made it into Holland, they went with a man that took them to a house for three days. Then they went to Emmakinderhuis convent.
  • Seqence #4

    Seqence #4
    Benno and Heinz left Holland and went to England but when Heinz turned 14 he moved to Birmingham so did Benno when he turned 14.
  • Sequence #5

    Sequence #5
    Benno met a girl in 1994, they got married and had children; Benno realizes how hard it would have been to send him and Heinz away for his parents. Also Benno got a letter from the Red Cross confirming his parents and Charlie`s death.