Case Study

  • Day 1

    Today, I worked with three students for about fifteen minutes each to determine who I would be working with the rest of the semester. After this and discussing with the teacher, we decided that this student was the best choice because her teacher is unsure of what her reading struggle really is. She will really be doing well one day and then the next cannot remember the names of characters in a book she has read many times. She lacks a sense of story, but there seems to be other struggles as wel
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    Case Study

  • Day 2

    I administered the DRA2 Word Analysis informally because the student’s teacher did not have the record sheets. This helped me to understand what the student had under her control and gave me some more direction about where I should be going with her. I observed her having difficulty with ending sounds, particularly: –ing, -ook, and –og words consistently during this assessment. I also read Were They Ever Happy and asked the student to retell the story. She did well with this task, though she did
  • Day 3

    I had worked in this student’s classroom before and she remembered me reading a Frog and Toad story to her class and asked if we could work with Frog and Toad books. So, I started by reading The List from Frog and Toad Together to her. She retold the story on strips of paper which we then arranged in order and came back to later and reordered again. She did well with this. She had difficulty spelling and would ask me many words, but when prompted to try to spell them she usually was accurate in
  • Day 4

    We did not meet this day due to a snow day.
  • Day 5

    Today, I completed the letter identification, and Ohio word test assessments. I also completed a sociocultural interview with this student for a different class. I learn much about the student and her hoe life through this interview. (See supplemental materials page five for analysis of letter identification and Ohio word test assessments and pages five, six, and seven for the sociocultural interview write-up.) We reviewed by unscrambling the strips from the story The List which the student comp
  • Day 6

    On this day, we completed the concepts about print, hearing and recording sounds in words, and the writing vocabulary assessments. We also read the story Cookies from the Frog and Toad book. We then did word work with –ing words and then sorted –ing, -og, and –ook words. (See supplemental materials page nine for anecdotal records of her word work; page nine and ten for analysis of concepts about print assessment; page ten for writing vocabulary assessment analysis, and hearing and recording soun
  • Day 7

    First, we reviewed sorting –ing, -og, and –ook works and then sorted them in ways other than their ending sounds. She chose to sort by number of letters, and beginning sounds. Next, we read the story Dragons and Giants to page 43. Here I had her stop and write an answer to the question “Are frog and Toad brave?” (see page 14 of the supplemental materials to see a picture of what she wrote.) I continued to read. She pointed with a pointer as I read and sometimes while reading I would pause and h
  • Day 8

    I started this day by introducing some word wall words: was, with, were, will, and what. I told her that we would be looking for these words as we read and using them in our writing. We played a guessing game where she had to ask me yes or no questions to figure out what word I was thinking of. We also played this game where I had to guess the word she had chosen. Next I had her read the book There was a Mouse, a level E text. She did well reading this as well. Her reading seems to be improving
  • Day 9

    We started this day by doing some more letter work specifically with b and d. I made puzzles out of Ellison cut out letters. I made this to meet her need as a tactile learning. They allow her to manipulate the letters and not just practice through writing. I also had her highlight al of the letter bs and ds in the test Mother Bird. She seemed to really enjoy these two activities. (See page nineteen of the supplemental material for pictures of these two activities.) Next, I introduced the text Sn
  • Day 10

    We started by writing a sentence from Snowy gets a Wash that the student struggled quite a bit with the previous time. After she wrote it, I cut it up and she rearranged it into the correct order a few times. Next, she read the book again. I introduced it again meeting some of the areas that she struggled in the first time reading the book. (See page twenty one of the supplemental material for anecdotal notes of this reading.) We then played a Froggy Letter Lotto game where you have to match up
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