Caroline Chisholm

  • Caroline Chisholm

    Caroline Elizabeth Jones was born 30 May 1808 She was born to Caroline Jones in Wootton, close to Northampton.[1] Her well-to-do father, William Jones, was a land owner and pig farmer.[3][4] She was the youngest of a large family and was educated by a governess, excelling in mathematics and French.[4] When still a child, her father took into his house a poor maimed soldier
  • marrige

    When she was twenty-two years old she married Archibald Chisholm, an officer in the British Army.
  • Imigrant home

    In January 1841 she approached Governor and Lady Gipps and the proprietors of the Sydney Herald with a plan for a girls' home. In spite of discouragements and anti-Catholic feeling, she convinced Gipps that she was a disinterested philanthropist. She was granted use of part of the old immigration barracks for her Female Immigrants' Home.
  • Retirement

    aptain Chisholm retired from the army and returned to Australia in 1845 to work with his wife.
  • To england

    With her husband she left for England in 1846 in the Dublin. She was already a legend in New South Wales, although her last days were clouded by a revival of religious controversy.
  • European Tour

    In 1852 she toured the British Isles and later Germany, France and Italy, where she visited the Pope
  • Death Of Caroline

    in 1877 Caroline Chisholm died at home in England. By then she was very poor and almost forgotten.But Australian history recognises Caroline Chisholm as one of our greatest women.