Career Timeline

Timeline created by jackyz
  • Birth

    This is the day I was born.
  • First Birthday!

    First Birthday!
    March 21st 1999 was my very first birthday in my life. I was too young to remember what i had gotten that day.
  • Trasintioning to different country

    Trasintioning to different country
    Two years after i was born my parents decided we should move to Canada.
  • First time in school

    First time in school
    This was my first day in junior kindergarten at a private school here in markham. I'm sure I was very nervous on that day, but after that day I made many friends and had one really close friend that I still keep in touch with.
  • Senior Kindergarten

    Senior Kindergarten
    I was in senior kindergarten at this time, What makes this memorable is that I knew after this year I was going to move schools and start into grade school. Kind of scary and sad when I was thinking about it back then.
  • Period: to

    First day of grade school grades 1-6

    The first day of grade school was pretty nerve racking, but when i go used to it I started to really enjoy it. From grades 1-6 it was pretty much the same. I made many friends along the way.
  • Period: to

    Intermidiate Days in elementary school

    These were the days we were considered the role models of the school. Also we were introduced to rodary to get used to for when we enter high school. I graduated from the school I spent 9 years at. All the moments i have spent here will not be forgotten and from here I prepare for high school.
  • Realization of my role model

    Realization of my role model
    I realized how important education can be in your life. It can determine how successful you will be in the future. I had noticed that my sister had averaged a 97 in grade 12 and got into the University of Toronto and graduated from there. She also independently searched for jobs and made her own money. Mostly importantly she had set goals for herself. I realized how successful she has been so far and I too wanted to become successful. Ever since then she has been my role model of education.
  • Grade 9 Year

    Grade 9 Year
    Transitioning from elementary school to high school was a big deal for me. Moving from class to class on different floors, meeting many of the friends I have now and learning things that will prepare me for the day I will apply for the University of Waterloo and jobs in the near future.
  • First time experience of volunteer work

    First time experience of volunteer work
    This was the first time I had done volunteer work. I had volunteered to be a classroom helper after school at my elementary school.
  • 5 years from now

    5 years from now
    Two years before this date i hope to have been accepted into the University of Waterloo. By this date I hope to be studying there for economics and biology.