Caption Nobody By: Ryan Cimino

  • Exposition 1 background

    Exposition 1 background
    Newt Newman's brother gets into a coma and his brother plays football
  • Exposition 2 setting

    Exposition 2 setting
    football field, halloween, October 31
  • Exposition 3 Characters

    Exposition 3 Characters
    Chris, brother, Newt Newman
  • Rising Action Conflict

    Rising Action Conflict
    Newt feels like a nobody and no one notices him
  • Rising acton 2

    Newts brother is a big shot because he has many friends and he acually does something unlike Newt
  • Rising action 1

    Newt Newman isn't a big shot and doesn't have many friends unlike his brother
  • Rising action 3

    Rising action 3
    Newt's brother is a big football star which makes peolpe like his brother, Chris, and leave Newt without friends
  • Climax

    Newt makes a costume before Halloween. He thinks about helping people around his neighborhood
  • Falling action 1

    Falling action 1
  • Falling action 2

    Falling action 2
    Newt goes around to help peolpe in hids community to get noticed and have a purpose in life
  • Falling action 3

    Kids start to notice Newt and think that he's not such a nobody
  • Resolution

    Newt becomes a somebody to peole in school and outside of school