Canda's External Relations

By iandg
  • Constitution act

    Constitution act
    basic rights of canadian citizens
  • Imperial Relations

    Imperial Relations
    1870-1871 Queen Victoria made an outlet to grow nationalism
  • South African War

    South African War
    The beginnign of the south african war raised more serious questions in Canada world relations.
  • World war 1

    World war 1
    Canada showed the world that they could support themselfs
  • Pierre Trudeau

    Pierre Trudeau
    Replaced Pearson, he played no part in the war so he changed the atmosphere. With him the department of external affairs was less inflential in 1969
  • Foreign Investment Review Agency

    Foreign Investment Review Agency
    Began to monitor foreign investment in Canda
  • Quebec Referendum

    Quebec Referendum
    Seeing if Quebecers wanted to seperate from canada and be their own indipendent nation.
  • Brian Mulroney

    Brian Mulroney
    Conservative won election on trying to referbish the relationship with the US
  • Free trade Negotiation

    Free trade began negotiation for a bilateral free trade arrangement
  • Canadian charter of rights and freedoms

    Canadian charter of rights and freedoms
    made the new candaian constitution so safegaurd rights of canadians.
  • Free Trade agreement

    agreement on the free trade was reached.
  • Free trade election

    became a major election issue with the conservatives winning the election
  • Free Trade put in place

    Free Trade put in place
    Free trade came into effect
  • Foreign policy review

    Canadian economics and trade grow with new policy and econamy around world