Canadian confederation

  • Confederation

    The name of the event by which the federation of Ontario, Nova Scotiam and New Brunswick was formed
  • Period: to


  • Manitoba joins Canada

    Manitoba joins Canada
    Manitoba became the fifth province. After its promise of starting a transcontinental railway.
  • Northwest Territories Join Canada

    Northwest Territories Join Canada
    he Northwest Territories joined because the Hudson Bay Company, which owned those lands, sold them to the Canadian Government
  • British Columbia becomes the sixth province

  • Prince Edward Island joins Canada

    Prince Edward Island joins Canada
    After being bailed out of financial woes incurred during the building of its own railway.
  • Yukon joins Canada

    Yukon joins Canada
    Yukon joined Canada because they had realized the need for a local government created because of the population increase by the Gold Rush.
  • Saskatchewan and Alberta Join Canada

    After a flood of immigration settled in the Prairies.