Canada's significant events time line

  • Vimy Ridge

    Vimy Ridge
    WHAT:The Battle of Vimy Ridge was one of the opening battles in a larger British campaign known as the Battle of Arras during the first world war
    WHERE: Vimy, Pas-de-Calais, France
    WHEN: April 6- 12 1917
    WHY:part of the larger Battle of Arras, which was a British offensive against the Germans. The Battle at Arras was the start of a French plan called the Nivelle Offensive, which was supposed to led to a quick victory for the Allies against the Germans.
  • Vimy Ridge CONT'D

    Vimy Ridge CONT'D
    HOW: By each side fighting against eachother for a victory.
    The Battle of Vimy Ridge is one of the greatest battles in Canada’s history. For the first time in the Great War, all four Canadian divisions fought together on the same battlefield. Canadian valour and bravery brought about a fantastic victory, not only for Canadians but for the entire Allied force.
  • Vimy Ridge CONT'D x2

    Vimy Ridge CONT'D x2
    It was a good out come for Canada because the French and British couldn't capture Vimy Ridge but Canada did which was a sign of being more independent.
    I think that if this event never happened, Canada wouldn't have suffered men in battle, but also i think if this this did not happen then we would not have all the pride we did for taking it.
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    Canada's Significant Events

  • Passchendaele

    WHAT:In a series of operations, Entente troops under British command attacked the Imperial German Army.
    WHERE: Passendale, Belgium
    WHEN: took place between July and November 1917
    WHY:The battle was fought for control of the village of Passchendaele near the town of Ypres in West Flanders.
    HOW:The objective of the offensive was to achieve a breakthrough, outflanking the German Army’s defences, and forcing Germany to withdraw from the Channel Ports.
  • Passchendaele CONT'D

    Passchendaele CONT'D
    Canada's success in the battle played a significant role in ending the First World War. Because of Canada's significant achievements and sacrifices, Passchendaele occupies an important place in Canadian military history. Ten Victoria Crosses were awarded during the Battle of Passchendaele.
    I think that if this event never happened, Canada wouldn't have had once again proved their tenacity and valour. We were seen as a strong country who didn't give up which helped in becoming independent.
  • Treaty of Versallies CONT'D

    Treaty of Versallies CONT'D
    This is a significant event in Canadian history because it stopped all the war that was going on, it did take awhile for it to actually stop but it was good because people were finally at peace.
    I think that if this event didn't happen, Canada might not have been at peace today, the world could have been ruined. If this event didn't happen alot more distruction would have occured and more people would have lost their lives, the world would have been a mess, the war could have gone on alot longer
  • Treaty of Versailles

    Treaty of Versailles
    WHO: German Reich, British Empire, France, Italy, Japan, USA...
    WHAT:The Treaty of Versailles was one of the peace treaties at the end of World War I. It ended the state of war between Germany and the Allied Powers.
    WHERE:Versailles, France
    WHEN:t was signed on 28 June 1919, exactly five years after the assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand.
    WHY: To create peace and end all war that was happening
    HOW: by different countries/empires signing the document
  • Black Tuesday

    Black Tuesday
    WHO: The whole world was involved
    WHAT: the stock market had crashed,On Black Tuesday, the Dow Jones Industrial Average fell 38 points to 260, a drop of 12.8%
    WHERE: Wall Street, USA
    WHEN: October 29, 1929 which would go on for 12 years
    WHY: technology and industrial output increased after the war. The economy expanded and the stock market skyrocketed. Due to over speculation by investors and the prices being driven up well beyond their value the market crashed
    HOW: stocks crashed
  • Black Tuesday CONT'D

    Black Tuesday CONT'D
    October 29th 1929 when the DJIA fell 12% was one of the largest one-day drops in stock market history. By many, Black Tuesday is considered the ending of the Roaring 20’s and the beggingings of the Great Depression.
    I think that if this event never happened, We would have experienced it sooner or later because of the amount of money people had in stocks. It was sad that it did happen at the time but we should be happy it happened when it did and not later on when it would have been twice as bad
  • Dieppe Raid

    Dieppe Raid
    WHO: Canada, Germany, Free Polish Forces, United Kingdom
    WHAT: Allied attack on the German-occupied port of Dieppe
    WHERE: Dieppe, France
    WHEN: 19 August 1942. The assault began at 5:00 AM and by 10:50 AM the Allied commanders had been forced to call a retreat
    WHY: The objective was to seize and hold a major port for a short period, both to prove it was possible and to gather intelligence from prisoners and captured materials while assessing the German responses. The Allies also wanted to destroy
  • Dieppe Raid CONT'D

    Dieppe Raid CONT'D
    HOW: by fighting the battle with military weapons, and slowly trying to take over the port The after action briefings confirmed that this was NOT the way to launch a successfull invasion and the "lessons learned " at Dieppe, were applied to the Normandy landings two years later, with much more success
    I think that if this event never happened, Canada wouldn`t have lost so many men and suffered so badly. It has alot of negative to it because it was a ```big failure`` with little success.
  • D-DAY CONT'D x2

    D-DAY CONT'D x2
    Fourteen thousand young Canadians stormed Juno Beach on D-Day. Their courage, determination and self-sacrifice were the immediate reasons for the success in those critical hours.
    The opposition the Canadians faced was stronger than any other beach save Omaha. That was an accomplishment which the whole nation could take considerable pride.
  • D-DAY

    I think that if this event never happened, Canada wouldn`t have lost so many couragious men, but also
    it was the turning point of World War II. It marked the start of the Allies' invasion of Western Europe and paved the way for Allied victory. It was a key turning point and marked the beginning of the end of Hitler`s reign. Canadian troops advanced the farthest onto the beach, father than any other country.
  • D-DAY

    WHO: US, UK, Canada, Free France, Poland, Norway, New Zealand, Australia, Netherlands, Germany
    WHAT: The assault happened in 2 phases, an airborne assault and an amphibious landing of Allied infantry and armoured divisions on the coast of France. There were also decoy operations mounted under the codenames Operation Glimmer and Operation Taxable to distract the German forces from the real landing areas

    WHERE: Normandy France, The landings took place along a 50-mile stretch of the Normandy coast which was divided into five sectors: Utah, Omaha, Gold, Juno and Sword
    WHEN:Tuesday, 6 June 1944, beginning at 6:30 AM
    WHY:To end WWII and the Nazi domination of Europe
    HOW: by allies arriving on the beach and running onshore where many didn`t even make it to the land

    WHAT: the United States conducted two atomic bombings against the cities
    WHERE: Hiroshima and Nagasaki in Japan
    WHEN: August 6 + 9 1945
    WHY: it was revenge for what happened at Pearl Harbour
    HOW: by dropping 2 atomic bombs on Japan
    It is significant to Canada because it put the whole world at fear for a neuclear occuring. Also since Canada is neighbours with USA it put them in even more fear of an atomic bomb landing on them instead

    i think that if the atomic bombing of Japan didn`t happen then Canada wouldn`t have been in fear along with the world. Also it might not have ended the war between USA and Japan and things could have gone alot worse for the world, The war could have gone on longer. But also it was not necessary for it to happen, they could have been the better person and not put the world at risk by using atomic bombs.
  • Suez Crisis

    Suez Crisis
    WHO: Israel, United Kingdom, France, Egypt
    WHAT:offensive war fought by France, Britain, and Israel against Egypt
    WHERE:Gaza Strip and Egypt (Sinai and Suez Canal zone)
    WHEN: October 29, 1956 (1956-10-29)
    – November 6, 1956 (End of Military Operations)
    – March 1957 (End of Occupation)
    WHY: because Nasser of Egypt seized control of the Suez Canal from a British/French company
    HOW: by Israel invading Egypt and then the others joining against Egypt
  • Suez Crisis CONT`D

    This is one of the most significant events in Canadian history because this was Canada`s first peace keeping mission.
    I think that if this event never happened Canada wouldn`t have had the opportunity to have a mission of such a good purpose for Canada
  • Trans Canada Highway

    Trans Canada Highway
    WHO: BC, Alberta, Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Ontario, Quebec, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, P.E.I, New Foundland
    WHAT: one of the world's longest national highways
    WHERE: through 10 provinces of Canada
    WHEN: 1962- present
    WHY: To connect the East to the West, having a direct way to the other end of Canada for transporting goods and people
    HOW: by building a Federal- Provincial highway through Canada
  • Trans Canada Highway CONT'D

    Trans Canada Highway CONT'D
    This is a significant event for Canadian history because it is one of the world's largest highways and it connects the east to the west. It is significant because it is a direct route from one end to the other for transporting goods across Canada.
    I think that if this event never happened Canada wouldn't have a one way road across the country, it would be more difficult to transport items across Canada.
  • Canada's new flag

    Canada's new flag
    WHAT; the first time a national flag had been officially adopted in Canada to replace the Union Flag.
    WHERE: through out all of Canada.
    WHEN: The flag made its first appearance on February 15, 1965
    WHY: to replace the old Union Flag, to have an official flag
    HOW:In 1964, Prime Minister Lester B. Pearson appointed a committee to resolve the issue, sparking a serious debate about a flag change.
  • Canada's New Flag CONT'D

    Canada's New Flag CONT'D
    The New Flag has everything to do with Canada because it was a new symbol to represent our country. It was the first officially adopted flag in Canada to replace the unofficial Union Flag.
    I think that if this event never happened Canada wouldn't have made a move towards independence and people wouldnt't have something official to embrace and be proud of, we wouldn't have a symbol for the world to see and miight have still been stuck with the Union Flag.