Canada's National Involvement between 1950-2011 Nicole Pegler

  • Gouzenko Affair

    Govezenko, a secret spie for the USSR, became a double agent when he exposed Stalin's efforts to steal nuclear secrets to Canada.
  • Period: to

    Canada's Foreign Involvement After WWII

  • Canada joins United Nations

    Canada joins United Nations and is always the first country to be called upon.
  • Iron Curtain Speech Beginning of Cold War

    Winston Churchill's "Sinews of Peace" at Westminster College.
    "...An iron curtain has descended across the Continent..."
  • Berlin Airlift

    Canada sent a constant supply of necessities to West Burlin through the use of airplanes.
  • Canada joins NATO

    Canada joins the North Atlantic Treaty Organization, a military alliance created to fight the spread of communism.
  • Canada enters the Korean War

    Canada enters the war to help keep peace and push back the North Koreans (communist).
  • The Suez Crisis

    A fight between Egypt and England/France over who had ownership of a newly built canal used as a short cut to travel through the Middle East.
  • Canada joins NORAD

    Canada joined the North American Air Defence along with USA.
  • Canadian Peace-keepers in Cyprus

    Canada enters a war between communists and democratics in Cyprus
  • Canada recognizes Communist China

    Canada realized that China was a nation with a large communist force behind it.
  • Canada enters the Gulf War

    A war waged by the United Nations lead by the Americans against Iraq.
  • Cold War ends

    The cold war ends with the Soviet Union collapsing and the Berlin wall being knocked down.
  • Canadian Peacekeepers in Bosnia

    Canada entered Bosnia-Herzegovina with the UN after war broke out in the Balkans.
  • Canadian peacekeepers in Somalia

    UN troops from Canada were sent to Somalia to keep peace but instead they had caught a 17 year old young man who they had found wandering in their camp andbeat him to death.
  • Canadian peacekeepers in Rowanda

    Another peacekeeping mission failure. General Romeo Dallaire had requested that more Canadian troops be sent to Rwanda. His message was ignored and resulted in a genocide.
  • War on Terror

    A military battle between NATO and al-Qaeda in the Middle East.
  • Canada with NATO enters Afghanistan

    Canada and NATO are trying to prevent terrorism throughout the Middle East and establish a democratic government.