Canadian rights

Canada's Involvement in Protecting International Human Rights

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    Canada Protecting Human Rights

  • Canada Joins United Nations

    Canada Joins United Nations
    Canada joins the United Nations which was a group of 50 countries who were working for peace between humans.
  • Declaration of Human Rights is Signed

    Declaration of Human Rights is Signed
    The declaration of human rights was signed by the united nations members and Canada was now among the signing members.
  • South Africa racist policies

    South Africa racist policies
    Repulsed by South Africa's racist policies against its black majority, Prime Minister John Diefenbaker sides with African and Asian members at the Commonwealth Conference in India, and was the only leader of a predominantly white country to oppose that South Africa's application for renewed Commonwealth membership. Consequently, South Africa withdraws its application.
  • Policy of Multiculturalism

    Policy of Multiculturalism
    Canada becomes the first western country to introduce a policy of multiculturalism. All Canadians can now maintain and develop their own cultural identities.
  • Canadian Human Rights Act

    Canadian Human Rights Act
    This act was passed in 1977 and stopped all discrimination because of race, religion, and anything else that made people discriminate others. It was a huge step forward in protecting human rights.
  • Commitment to Womens Rights

    Commitment to Womens Rights
    Ther convention on the elimination of any type of discrimination against women was held in 1981.
  • Vienna World Conference on Human Rights

    The Vienna World Conference promoted global participation, and was an effective way to influence international society.
  • Conference on Racism

    Conference on Racism
    There was a conference on racism that was held in the Durban International Convention Centre, this conference dealt with slavery issues in Israel and Canada took part in this conference.
  • Canada passes Bill C-38: The Civil Marriage Act

    Canada passes Bill C-38: The Civil Marriage Act
    This act extends marriage rights to same-sex couples. This passing made Canada the fourth country to take this big step.
  • Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities

    Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities
    Canada ratified the convention on the Rights of People with Disabilities which made many people with disabilites more equal because at first they didn't have all the rights they deserved and yeah.