Canada's increasing independence

By larap.
  • Confederation

    This was the union of the British North American colonies. It formed Canada, but not the Canada we klnow today but a Canada which composed of four provinces. These provinces or areas were New Brunswick, Nova Scotia and Upper/Lower Canada.
  • National Policy

    This was a tariff protection for Canadian manufacturers
  • Klondike Gold Rush

    Discovery of Gold in Canada. It created a frenzy gold rush immigration. brought alot of speculation to Canada and the Canadian North West.
  • Naval Service Act

    This brought and established the Royal Canadian Navy. This was a small navy that was under the control of the Canadian government.
  • Battle of Vimy Ridge

    Canada fought in world war one and won balles such as the ballt of vimy ridge. Canadians attacked on 9 April 1917, They were attacking together (first time the Canadians attacked together) They achieved victory, taking the Germans off the ridge.
  • Treaty of Versatilles

    This was a the peace settlement imposed on Germany to end military actions against them in World War one. The treaty would bring official peace between Germany and all the Allies, Also in addition to these things Canada's prestige was increased when Canada was represented on the British Empire delegation.
  • World War Two

    This was a global military conflict. There were two opposing military aliences. this evenr involved the mass death of civilians, including the Holocaust and the only use of nuclear weapons in warfare. Canada fought in world war two and won battles.
  • Juno Beach

    The Canadian landings on the Juno Beach, were very succsesful during the Battle of Normandy/ Operation Overload. Many young Canadians went into Juno beach with determination to succeed. Canadains eneded up forcing their way into juno beach.
  • NATO

    Or the North Atlantic Treaty Organization was Canada's first peacetime military alliance,. It placed Canada in a defensive military arrangement with the US.
  • Canada—United States Automotive Products Agreement

    Also known as auto pact, this is an impoirtant trade agreemnt between the US and Canada. It removed the tariffs on automobiles and automovite parts. This benefitted Canada and the US very much, especially in the car market.
  • BNA Act

    Also known as the British North America Act. This act created a federal dominion and set the framework of the Government of Canada, such as a federal gvernment, a house of commons, etc.
  • Constitution Act

    It replaced the BNA Act as the governing document of Canada.This constitution act also brought the Charter of Rights and Freedoms, and also the constitution act was signed by queen Elizabeth the second.
  • Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms

    This guarantees political rights and civil rights for Canadians. It was brought to unify Canadians with rights and principles. The charter was signed by Queen Elizabeth the second herself.
  • Canada – United States Free Trade Agreement

    This was an trade agreement signed by the US and Canada, which would allow for trade in goods and services between Canada and the United States.

    North America Free Trade Agreement, which is a free trade agreement between Canada, the United States and Mexico.