Canada in from 1914 to 2011

  • World War 1 begins

    Canada took part in the war because Canada is in the British's side.
  • Period: to

    World War1

  • Second battle of ypre

    Canadian soldiers were ordered to help French and British troops near Ypres, Belgium. This battle costed about 6000 Canadian lives.
  • Battle of Vimy Ridge

    Canadian troops fought as part of British . Canadians held to the Vimy Ridge in three days.
  • Halifax Explosion

    Halifax Harbour were attack, 2,000 people were killed and over 9,000 people were injured.
  • World War 1 Ends

  • Winnipeg General Strike

    Canadians worker strike earning rights for Canadian workers.
  • Women has the right to vote

    Women has the right to vote for elections.
  • William Lyon Mackenzie King became prime minister

    William Lyon Mackenzie King is the longest serving Prime Minister in Canadian history that have served three terms in office almost 22 years
  • Royal Canadian Air Force were created

    They check for smugling along Canada's coasts, and checked on fishing boats.
  • Black Tuesday

    American stock market crash, many people loses their money.
  • The battle of Atlantic

    The longest and most important battle of WW2. German uses U-boats to stop the supplies from Canada to Britain. Canada trained their sailors more harder and built more better warships to pass the German.
  • Canada declared war independently

    Canada did not follow Britiain into war as it had in 1914, Canada declared war independently on Germany.
  • Battle of the Dieppe

    Canadian troops play an important role in the Dieppe raid in France. 900 of the 5000 Canadians soldiers who took part in the raid were dead.More than 500 were wounded, and nearly 2000 were taken prisoner.
  • RCAF improved their strength

    The RCAF had reached the height of its wartime strngth:215 200, including 15 153 women. It was the thrid-largest air force in the world.
  • The Liberation of the Netherlands

    Canadian troops and northern France and Belgium and into the Netherlands. They involved in some of the toughest fighting of the war and they pushed German army farther amd farther back. So the Germans in the Netherlands were surrendered.
  • Newfoundland joins Canda

    The United Kingdom, insisting that it would not give Newfoundland any further financial assistance, added a third option of having Newfoundland join Canada to the ballot.
  • NORAD is formed

    The purpose of NORAD is to track objects in space and issue warnings so that enemy aircraft can be shot down before they reach their target.
  • Aboriginal people has the right to vote.

    The law has changed, and all the Aboriginal people in Canda has the right to vote.
  • Immigration rules to Canada becomes fairer

    Immigration minister Ellen Fairclough changed the immigration rules so that people who had the neccessary qualifications could immigrate,regardless of their race and nationality. This increased Canada's population.
  • The October Crisis

    The Flq began to kipnap people and carried out a bombing campaign that killed a number of people. Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau used the War Measures Act the ban the FLQ and arrest them for kidnapping and murder.
  • The Free Trade Agreement

    It removed several trade restrictions in stages over a ten year period, and resulted in a great increase in cross-border trade.
  • The Gulf War

    The Canadian Forces participate in the Gulf War against Iraq.Yukon First Nations sign agreement on land claims and self-government
  • Canada's first female prime minister

    Kim Campbell was the first and to date the only female Prime Minister of Canada, the first baby boomer to hold that office.
  • The kyoto Protocol

    Canada was active in negotiations leading to the Kyoto Protocol of 1997. In the decade after Kyoto, Canada's greenhouse gas emissions increased by around 30%.
  • Northwest Territories is divided into Nunavut

    Territory of Nunavut is formed in the north-west. It is the first territory in Canada to have a majority indigenous population.