Canada and the Cold War

  • The United Nations is created.

    The United Nations is created.
    The United Nations, or UN is an internation organization that helps keep and make world peace. The people that are in the organaziation stresses on the ooperation in internation law, internations seurity, ecoomic development, social progress and human rights. Canada is a full member of the United Nations and has contributed in more peacekeeping events then any other nation.
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  • World War 2 Ends [Surrender of the Japanese]

    World War 2 Ends [Surrender of the Japanese]
    On August 14, 1945 Japan has surrendered with the documents finally signed aboard the deck of an American battleship USS Missouri on Sept, 2. 1945 offically ending the war. Although the war was 'over' once Hitler had committed suicide it was done once the Japanese ended it by giving up. World War 2 was the first war that Canada, was known as an independant country and played a signifcant role in the Allied victory. Post WW2, Canada was known as a middle super power.
  • Creation of NATO

    Creation of NATO
    Also known as the North Atlantic Treaty Organization. NATO is a democratic party which is a military alliance and still exists today. Their purpose is to stop the spread of communism in North Atlantic. Canada wasn't only a part of this organization but one of the key starters of the alliance. This was a marked break for Canada's pre-war isolationism, and was the first peacetime alliance Canada had ever joined
  • Communism takes China

    Communism takes China
    Chairman Moa introduced communism to China by delievering a speech from the Gate of Enternal Peace infront of a huge portrait of himself. He then left the message off saying "stand up, those who refuse to be slaves".
  • Korean War

    Korean War
    The Korean War was a war between the republic of Korea (North Korea) and the democratic people: The Republic of Korea (South Korea). During this war, Canada was to keep peace and to stop communism from spreading. Canada and many canadian soldiers had supported South Korea. Even though the democratic side of Korea had won Korea had decided to stay divided into South and North.
  • Vietnam War

    Vietnam War
    Vietname was divided between North and South. The North was lead by a communist government led by Ho Chi Minh and the South which was anti- communist and partially democratic. The South was supported by the US and soon the fighting escalated to include communist countries that supported the North. All of Vietnam quickly came under the control of the communists from the north soon after.
  • Creation of the WARSAW PACT

    Creation of the WARSAW PACT
    This was an organization of military alliance between eight communist countries. It was established by the USSRThis group doesn't exsist today. Canada had thought this alliance was a big threat.
  • Lester Pearson diffuses the Suez Crisis

    Lester Pearson diffuses the Suez Crisis
    Egypt claims the Suez Canal, a trench that was used for an international gateway for trade as theirs. Lester Pearson at that time was Canada's secretary of External Affairs and proposed the first UN peace-keeping force. This force included many canadian soldiers and they were expected to keep the peace. Later on Lester Pearson recieved a Nobel Peace Prize for his efforts during this time.
  • Berlin Wall is Built

    Berlin Wall is Built
    The Berlin Wall was built to separate the West and the East. During that time Canada and other Alliances supplied West Berlin ( Democratic) with food and supplies through the Berlin Airlift. The wall was created to prevent people from escaping into cargo trucks and other forms of transporation because of Communism all around West Berlin.
  • Cuban Missile Crisis Starts

    Cuban Missile Crisis Starts
    The communist nation of Cuba had allowed the USSR to place missiles on their island, facing towars the United States. When the US learned about the location of the missiles, the US demanded for the missiles to be removed. But the USSR didn't listen so President Kennedy warned Cuba and the Soviets that they would also fight back with missiles eventually starting the Nuclear War.
  • Cuban Missile Crisis Ends

    Cuban Missile Crisis Ends
    After two weeks, Cuba announced that they would remove and return the missile back to the soviets. Canada was pretty worried that the USA and USSR were going to fight and Canada would be in the middle of it all. If they had started bombing each other Canada would be the first to go because it would've been right above Canada's heads. This was the closest incident to a Nuclear War the people of that time encountered.
  • USSR invades Afghanistan

    USSR invades Afghanistan
    This was a conflict between anti communists and the soviets. he USSR withdrew from Afghanistan after fighting for the control of the Indian Ocean past Afganistan. Canada wasn't involved when they had invaded but Canadians were part of the Afghanistan war later on in 2004 as part of the peace keeping corp: UN. The battle ended on Febuary 15, 1989.
  • Berlin Wall is Torn Down

    Berlin Wall is Torn Down
    The Berlin wall represented the imprisonment of the poeple of East Germany. The moment East Germany's government lost their powers to enforce the existence of the wall, it was demolished and the wall was finally torn. This reunited Gernmany as a whole.