Unknown 2

Chapter 8 History Timeline

  • Textile Mill

    Large textile mill opens in Lowell Massachusetts.
  • Slavery

    sojourner truth is freed from slavery.
  • The Appeal pamphlet

    David Walker prints appeal, a pamphlet urging slaves to revolt
  • Slave Rebellion

    Nat Turner leads slave rebellion.
  • Trade Union

    National trades union is formed
  • Frederick Douglass

    Frederick Douglass flees to New York City to escape slavery.
  • Brook Farm

    Utopian community is established at Brook Farm.
  • Walden Pond

    Henry David Thoreau moves to Walden Pond.
  • Women's Rights

    Sarah Bailey founded the Lowell Female Labor Reform Association.
  • Women's Rights

    Seneca Falls convention on women's rights is held.