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  • Sequences and Series

    Sequences and Series
    Sequence is a set of numbers
    Series is a sum of a sequence
    REMEMBER to pay attention to the wording and were it starts from (n=1 or 0)
    monotonic always increasing or decreasing.
  • Intermediant Value therom and review

    Intermediant Value therom and review
    This was a helpful day because this always shows up on the test.
    If there is two points a and b there must be a point c in between them like shown in the picture
  • Slope Feilds and eulers method and logistics

    Slope Feilds and eulers method and logistics
    slope feilds are just a depiction of the derivitive of a funtion. eulers method is to solve differential equations at a given point. logistics can model exponential growth and decay. There can also be a maximum on this which is l/2
  • FIrst AP problems

    FIrst AP problems
    need to becareful of time. remember i can use a calculator on the first 3 problemss.
  • More AP problems

    More AP problems
    Review the rate of change problems. on this set we had a harder time so we remembered to write down equations and steps to get more points. a useful trick
  • Final AP problems

    Final AP problems
    found these were the easiest of all the problmes. bradley and i got through them quickly trying to get the maximum of points.