Building and Strengthening Germany

By 12thoma
  • Period: to

    Napoleon Changes Land

    Napoleon changes german-speaking lands and annexed lands along the Rhine RIver for France. He Dissolved the Holy Roman empire and made a number of German states. Some germans welcomed Napoleon but others did not appreciate him.
  • Zollverein Installed in Prussia

    Zollverein Installed in Prussia
    Prussia created this new economic union called Zollverein. Zollverein dismantled germany's tariff barriers within itself.
  • Otto von Bismarck

    Otto von Bismarck
    Bismarck is a delegate of Prussa.
  • King Rejects Land

    King Rejects Land
    Liberals in the Frankfurt Assembly demanded political unity for Germany and so offered the throne to Frederick William IV of Prussia the throne to the united Germany but he denied it.
  • A New Chancellor for Prussia

    A New Chancellor for Prussia
    Otto von Bismarck was chosen by King William I to be chancellor (prime minister). Bismarck was a Prussian Junker and served as a diplomat. As chancellor he united the German states under Prussia.
  • Prussia and Austria Unite

    Prussia and Austria Unite
    Bismarck allied Prussia with Austria and they seized Schleswig and Holstein from Denmark and divided the spoils.
  • Attacking Austria

    Attacking Austria
    Bismarck invented an excuse to attack Austria and just seven weeks later Prusssia won.
  • France and Prussia Fight

    France and Prussia Fight
    Napoleon III was starting to worry about Prussia's growing power and so the French and Prussians started to fight. Bismarck then released a telegram of a meeting with King william I and the French Ambassador leading to Napoleon III declaring war. In the end Prussia won the war with the greater army.
  • A Second Reich

    A Second Reich
    German states were delighted of the Prussian victory over France and so made William I of Prussia to become kaiser (emperor). They named it the birth of the Second Reich (empire) because they say it is linked to the Holy Roman Empire.
  • A Different Currency

    A Different Currency
    Germans government supported the economy and so made and isssued a single currency, reorganized the banking system, and coordinated railroads built by the various german states.
  • Krupp

    The House of Krupp boomed in 1871 and became an enormous industrial complex.
  • Period: to

    Tycoon Builds Up

    The business tycoon of August Thyssen built a small steel factory with a meer 70 workers and grew it into 50,000 employees.
  • Period: to

    Germany Grows

    Germany's disciplines and educated work force helped the economy and the population grow. From 41 million and 1871 to 67 million in 1914 germany's home market was huge as so with undustrial workers.
  • Kulturkampf

    Bismarck disliked Catholics because he saw them as a threat since their loyalty is first to the Pope and then to germany. He made laws that was against Catholics and launched Kulturkampf (battle for civilization). The Catholic Church backfired and so Bismarck saw his mistake and tried to make peace with the Catholic Church.
  • Bismarck Against Socialism

    Bismarck Against Socialism
    In the late 1870's, democratic socialism sprung up in germany and workers started supporting the new party. Bismarck saw this as a threat so first put laws to quiet them then put in laws to help the working class.
  • The Second Kaiser

    The Second Kaiser
    William the II succeeded his grandfather as kaiser and wanted to put his stamp on germany and was very confident on his abilities.
  • Bismarck Resigns

    Bismarck Resigns
    Kaiser William II believed his power came from God and so asked the dominating Bismarck to resign shocking the german nation saying there is only one reich and that is himself.
  • German Health

    German Health
    By 1890s Germans had health and accident insurance and old-age insurance.
  • Death of Bismarck

    Death of Bismarck
    Bismarck dies and is known for the many things he had accomplished.
  • Democratic Socialism Still Grows

    Democratic Socialism Still Grows
    Even with the new health insurrance workers were still for the Social Democratic party. The party grew even more and held more seats in the Reichstag than any other party.