Bryan Thibodeau Ethics in Psychology

Timeline created by Bryanthibodeau
  • 6,500 BCE

    Inner demons

    When humans were faced with mental illness, doctors would drill holes into a subjects head in order to release demons that were possessing a subject. This was done without consent and often times caused death.
  • Trials of justice in Nuremberg, Germany

    After WW11 nazi leaders were put on trial for their crimes against humanity. This led to the creation of the Nuremburg codes, which consisted of 1) voluntary consent. 2) must yield beneficial results to society that outweigh risk. 3) avoidance of, and protection from physical and mental suffering.
  • Debriefing, post experiment

    The human participant must be returned to their past self. According to the APA code of ethics, participants must be informed of the test results and all misconceptions that’s could be presented.
  • Unjust incarceration At stanford university

    A 60 day experiment went wrong when a mock prison was created to determine how people would react when given absolute authority over others. The study proved how wrong we humans can be toward one another.

    Establishes what Health information is disclosed or hidden for research purposes.