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Public Mental Health: History in California 1632-2016

  • Bethlem Roya Hosptial

    In London disturbed people were chained and beaten
  • George III recovery for mental illness

    In the Enlightenment period, first time mental illness was thought to be cured.
  • Kirkbride became superindent of the Penn Hospital for the insane

    Thomas Kirkbride advocate for the mentally ill
  • Begining of the contruction of the "Asylums"

    State mental hopitals would house the mentally ill and criminal offenders.
  • Kirkbride Plan

    with the publication of his text on insanity and treatment (including floor plan) 250 bed max facility
  • insulin shock therapy

    Manfred Sakel
  • Metrazol (shock therapy)

    Ladislas J Meduna
  • electroconvulsive therapy

    Ugo Cerletti
  • Governor Earl Warren conference of local mental health officers and physicians

    helped make California a leader in the mental health system program.
  • "Bell of Hope"

    "third Revolution" in mental health care. Shackles were melted down. bcame the sympbol of the National Mental Health Association
  • Short_Doyle Act

    Deinstitualionalizing mental health care by providing treatment for people with mental disabilitity in the community rather that in state hospitals.
  • Community based mental health care

    President John F Kennedy helped promote comprehensice community care in call to congress, "Special Message".
  • Cal Legislature passes "Lanterman-Petris-short Act

    Stopping the ability to retain people in hospital setting for mental illness.
  • Advances in nerobiology

    see the chemical imbalances that caused mental illness
  • federal healp in funding the Short Doyle Medi-Cal pilot project

    Forced counties to match the 50 % funding of mental health program
  • Governor Ronald Reagan Vetoed provisions to support distribution of state funds.

  • Period: to

    CMH in California funding decrease

    over the years it was decreased by $320 million
  • El Centro recieved federal funding

    community mental health center in LA. started a model for later CMH programs.
  • Outreach programs

    California began to phase out outpatient programs and start outreach, stablization and rehabilitaion programs.
  • "Decade of the brain"

  • Period: to

    no cost of living increased and adjustments were made for CMH

  • Wright, McCorquodale, Boronzan Act

    "Systems of Care" service dilivery model for family focused services and personal planning.
  • Cal Depart of MH creates Office of Multicultural services

  • psychopharmacological treatment for schizophrenia FDA

    advancements of the times (along with sideeffects)
  • Cal MH directors Ass creates Ethic Services Committee

  • Mental health legislation mandates cultural competence

  • Realignmetn of financed CMH

    funded by 1. half cent increase on state tax 2. state vehicle licence fee
  • Medicaid State Plan Amendment

    added more benifits and helped mental disabilies remain active in community
  • Early and Periodic Screening Diagnosis and Treatment

    required diagnosis and treatment services for all MediCal services
  • The Report of the Surgeon General on Mantal Health

    NIM and SAMHSA creates collaboration in community care
  • services for homeless adults

    $10 million in state funds allocated by DMH (Sac, Stanislaus and LA)
  • New Freedom Initiative

    GW Bush looks at stigma around MH, unfair treatment by private health care and fragmaented MH service dilivery systems.
  • California Mental Health Master Plan

    confirmed states responsibility in MH system services
  • Prop 63: MHSA

    Fully fund California's system of care program and adult and older adult system of care program
  • Part D program through Mediare

    recieving medication through private CMS
  • Wraparound Services for children youth and families

    help fund and expand family based services for alternative to group homes
  • (WHO) named MH as a global issue

    The World Health Organization
  • NAMI Published report

    crisis intervention, improving insurance benefits, law enformetn collaboration and early interventions
  • MHA 2016 annual conference: Media, messaging and mental health

    look and the (1909) national leading community based nonprofit dedicated mental health care