Brown's Timeline

Timeline created by clbrown574
  • Sports

    1.) Christina joins the swim team. Makes a lot of new friends and really enjoys swimming.
    2.) Erickson's stage Industry vs. Inferiority
    3.) Children starting feel pride about school or the sports they are doing. Or someone children start feeling inadequate because they do not measure up to the peers.
  • Graduation

    1.) Christina graduated from high school. Unsure if she wanted to go college right away or continue to work for a while and go to college at a later date.
    2.) Ericks stage of Identity vs. Role Confusion
    3.) In this stage teenagers can become confused on who they want to be as an adult. The ones who are very sure of themselves and know what they want will do well in this stage. Teenagers who are unsure of themselves may have a hard time in this stage.
  • Marriage

    1.) Tommy and Christina were married. They love each other very much and wanted to spend the rest of their life together.
    2.) Erickson's stage of Intimacy vs. Isolation
    3.) This stage in adulthood, people want to feel close to someone. If people have troubles in with trust or do not have a good self-concept, they may struggle in this stage.