Bridge To Terabithia

Timeline created by journeylovesjenna
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    It was a clever, lively little thing- a present Jess could be proud of.
  • Jess starts running everyday to try to be the fastest kid in the 5th grade.

    Hes been working at it every morning before chores during the summer.
  • Leslie moves in the old Perkins place and meets Jesse

    She meets him when hes doing chores and she goes to the gate.
  • Leslie tried running and she won

    Jess stood up for her to run and she beat all the boys.
  • Leslie starts running and she keeps winning so they stopped running and play king of the mountain.

    The boys got tired of her winning so they played with the 3rd graders that they didn't let run.
  • Leslie gets bullied for having no tv

    The teacher assigned a homework assignment that Leslie cant do because she has no TV then the kids started picking on her for it.
  • Jess lets Leslie sit with him on the bus

    Jess finally lets Leslie sit with him after she gets bullied.
  • Leslie and Jess make terabithia

    Leslie and Jess decide they want a secret place and they found one after swinging on a "enchanted" rope and they called it Terabithia.
  • They start bring supplies to Terabithia

    They start bringing snacks,drinks,book,and sleeping bags to Terabithia but Leslie got yelled at for bringing sleeping bags and had to bring them back.
  • Other kids start to think they are dating.

    Other kids start to think they are dating sense its a boy and a girl that are hanging out a lot.
  • May Belles twinkies got stolen by Janice Avery

    May Belle was bragging about twinkies to everyone and Janice Avery stole them and wanted Jess to get revenge.
  • ess and Leslie get revenge on Janice Avery by writing a love letter

    Jess and Leslie write a fake love letter and get revenge on Janice but they both start to feel guilty
  • leslie talks to Janice about her dad abusing her and gives her advice

    it gets around the school that Janice gets abused and Leslie gives her advice to help her.
  • Jess gets Leslie a dog

    Jess gets Leslie a dog for Christmas so he knew he got her a present he could be proud of.
  • Jess's dad gets him a racing car track to try and make up for not being there.

    Jess's dad gets him a racing car track nut it ends up being broken. Jess tries to play with it to make his dad feel proud about his present like he did with his present to Leslie.
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    He ran out the kitchen door and down the field all the way to the stream without looking back. because he was sad.
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    Shhh, yes. Because hes telling May Belle shes the new quenn of Terabithia.
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    When he thought about it , he couldn't suppress a secret pleasure at being alone in this small cozy car with Mrs. Edmunds. If he asked Leslie to come she wouldn't have died.
  • Quote 5

    You ready to go now? shows that Jess is starting to believe that Leslie's dead.
  • Jess gets jealous of Leslie's dad.

    Jess is jealous of the relationship Leslie has with her dad and wishes he has that relationship with his.
  • Leslie's death

    Leslie dies after the rope breaks and hits her head on a rock they believe but Jess doesn't believe it at first.
  • Jess helps Leslie and bill with the house.

    Jess helps Leslie and Bill paint the house.
  • Jess forms a bond with bill

    Jess starts to get closer and form a relationship with Bill especially after Leslie's death.
  • May Belle followed Jess and Leslie

    May Belle followed Jess and Leslie and now knows about Terabithia but Jess threatened that he would tell her crush she still wets the bed.
  • father gets fired

    The father gets laid off and kids need new clothes but they have no money.
  • Leslie goes to church with Jess

    Leslie goes to church with Jess and likes it but says she doesn't believe in hell.