Developmental Psych Project (Timeline)

  • Life Began

  • Started Talking

  • Learned How to Crawl

  • Got My First Dog

  • Got My Second Dog

  • First Trip To Mexico

  • My First Dog Died (Chilli)

  • Become a Big Sister

    Nathan was born
  • Started Kindergarten

    Riverside Elementary
  • Flower Girl at Uncle Lio's Wedding

    In Mexico
  • Parents Divorced

  • Trip to Colorado

  • First Trip to Adventure Land

  • Got My Third Dog

  • Family Trip to Mexico

  • Started Middle School

    West Middle
  • Family Trip to Mexico

  • My Second Dog Died (Pebble)

  • Joined the West High School Dance Team

  • Became a Member of West Club

  • Puberty

  • First Communion

    St. Micheals Church
  • Received a Presidential Education Award

  • Started High School

    West High
  • Freshman Homecoming

    West High
  • Freshman Dance Team Pictures

    Pictures taken at Bacon Creak Park
  • First Dance Team State Competition

    Wells Fargo Areana
  • Got Drivers License

  • Diagnosed with Lymphedema

    Right Leg
  • Family Trip to Puerto Vallarta

  • Bridesmaid at Aunts Zuly Wedding

    In Mexico
  • Sophomore Year Dance Team State Competition

    Wells Fargo Arena
  • Mom Bought Me a Car for My Birthday

  • First MA Dance Competition

    South Sioux City, NE
  • Won 3rd Place In Health Career Display

  • Volunteered at Mercy's Heart Expo

    Mercy Medical Center
  • Multicultural Fair for West Club

  • Family Trip To Wisconsin Dells

  • Junior Dance Team Pictures

    Grandview Park
  • Junior Homecoming

    West High
  • Junior Year Dance Team State Competition

    Wells Fargo Arena
  • Senior Year MA Dance Competition

    South Sioux City, NE
  • Valentine's Day Fundraiser for West Club

  • Junior Year Dance Team 'Lock-In'

    West High Gym
  • AP Chemistry Testing Day

  • Family Trip To Mexico

    Puerto Vallarta
  • Took Family Pictures In Mexico

    Puerto Vallarta
  • Senior Year Dance Team Fundraiser

    Pizza Ranch Tip Night
  • Senior Year Dance Team Pictures

    Grandview Park
  • Senior Year Homecoming

    Wets High
  • Volunteered at Mercy's Birth Expo

  • Senior Pictures

    Adams Nature Preserve
  • Became An Adult

    Officially 18
  • Started Dating Miguel <3

  • Started College

  • Got Certified in CPR

    CNA Classes
  • Senior Year MA Dance Competition

    North High
  • Fractured My Left Ankle

  • First Day of CNA Clinicals

  • Senior Prom with Boyfriend

    West High
  • Got Certified as a CNA

  • Graduated High School

    West High
  • Grandma Came to Visit From Mexico

  • Graduation Party

    Riverside Park
  • Traveled to NYC

    Class Field Trip
  • Rode on a Subway For The First Time

  • First Time Going To Saturday In The Park

    Grandview Park
  • Went to The Omaha Zoo with Boyfriend

  • Got A Job At MercyOne as a CNA

    Behavioral Health Unit
  • Dropped Out of College Due to Personal Reasons

  • Got My Forth Dog

  • Meet my Half Sister

  • Went to Ponderose For The First Time

  • Car Accident

    Rip Jeep
  • Started College Classes Again

  • Bought a New Car

    Another Jeep
  • Went to The Tulip Festive

    Went with my boyfriend, brother, and cousin
  • Small Trip To Adventure Land

  • Got Eyelash Extentions

  • Knee Surgery

    Right Knee Arthroscopy and Irrigation
  • Got My Covid-19 Vaccine

  • Got A Matching Tattoo With My Mom

    Behind Left Ear