Briana's History

By bk3072a
  • B-day

    I was born in Soiux Fall SD, and my parents are Maggan and Brian Krempges.
  • Sarah was Born

    Sarah was born that day and it was very exciting for me bcause I got a new little sister, I went with my grandma to the hospital that next day.
  • Car Situation

    I was 2 years old when I jumped out of the car. Then mom jumped out too and the car ran into the school fence.
  • Drawing on Wall

    I was drawing on the wall with permanite marker (down stairs) and was telling a story about how the shark was going eat the fish or something like that.
  • Toys in Bathroom

    I put all my bathtub toys in the toilet. If I'm thinking correctly they were in time out.
  • Mathew was Born

    Mathew was born that day and that was very exciting. The reason for that was because he was my first brother to be born.
  • Antone was Born

    Antone was born that day and it will probably be the last baby in our family. Any way on that day my dad took us siblings to the hospital to see Antone.

    I got my first dog that day, and I was eight. The two things that I remember that was that Otis was skinny and we got him at 10 pm
  • Black Hills Trip

    When I was 11 we went to Rapid City for the first time in me and my siblings life. We went there for my grandparents annervary that year. When we were coming up we didn't know how to get to the hotel so we had to ask my ucle for directions.

    On that day I began flags, I got to learn so much about patience and coordnation.
  • Went to the Mall

    I went to the mall with McKenzie and Isabella, and in JC Pennies we played tag. When we were done going to the mal we went to walmart and played tag in it also. (I was clumsy that day).
  • Today's Computer Class

    I'm making a timeline about me, and its a dream come true.