Breana's Life

  • Breana Can hold up her head

  • Period: to

    Breana is a Zygote

    This is when i was a Zygote
  • Period: to

    Breana is a Embryo

    This was when i was a embryo
  • Eyes and ears form and heart beats regularly

    Maloy, Janet. dsc00031.jpg. June 2006. Pics4Learning. 17 Feb 2012
  • Heart developes left and right chambers

  • Period: to

    9 weeks untill Breana is born.

    In the next 9 weeks I am going to be born.
  • Fingerprints form

  • Bones are visable heartbeat can be heard

    Savickas, Stacy. skullicon.jpg. September 2007. Pics4Learning. 17 Feb 2012
  • Eyelids can open. I weight 6.6 pounds

  • Period: to

    From Birth to age 2

    I am a infant.
  • Breana Begins to crawl

  • Period: to

    Age 2 to age 13

    Breana is in her childhood.
  • Story time

    On September 25,2002 I started Pre-K at Churchland elementary. This day was a happy and a sad day. It was a happy day because this was the first time I rode a Bus and I was a "Big girl". This was also a sad day because I wasnt going to be with my mom everyday like i use to.
  • Story time

    This was the day I had my first birthday party, I was 5 years old. I wasnt really interested in birthday parties untill I was 5 . This was a happy day.
  • Story Time

    This is the day I had my first game. As you can see i played T-ball. I played for a team called the Dolphins.
  • Story Time

    This is the day I moved to North Carolina. My family foun a hous in Fuquay- Varina NC. We moved because my dad was stationed in Fort Bragg. At the time it was my first baby brother Malcolm and me.
  • Ovulation begins

  • Period: to

    Ages 9 through 15

    Breana is going through puberty.
  • Period: to

    From age 13 to age 20

    Breana is a Adolescence.
  • Period: to

    From ages 20 through death

    i am old! Breana is in her adulthood
  • Breana starts to age

  • Skin starts to wrinkle

  • Breana looks old