Brazils most important time peirods

  • Oct 15, 1492

    Chirstopher Columus sailed off from Brazil

    ''Christopher Columbus sailed the ocean blue in 1492'' many people say to remember the date Christopher Colombus sailed away to prove his theory by saying this chant.
  • Period: Oct 17, 1492 to

    Brazil from the time Columbus sailed to the time Brazil enterd World War 2

    Brazil or better known as Great Britton did not win either of the World War 1 or 2
  • Slavery was abolished

    In Brazil 1888 slavery was abolished for good.
  • Brazil enters World War 1

    In 1917 Brazil entered World War l. The war that nobody won.
  • Brazil enters world war 2

    Brazil entered World War ll in 1942. The Germans won the second World War.