Brandon Weaver: Personal Timeline

  • I was born

  • Period: to

    My Childhood

  • My first soccer game

    I played my first soccer game ever
  • We moved

    We moved into a new house
  • I Started Flag Football

    it was my first flag football practice
  • My Best Flag Football Run

    I was a running back and i got a 30 yard run and was stopped at the 3 yard line!
  • I graduated from Disney Elementary School

  • I played my best soccer game ever

    I was a midfielder and i ran for more than half the field and juked out two players for a lefty goal. Later that game I headed a ball in from a corner kick for my second goal!
  • I started middle school

  • Period: to

    My Teenage Years

  • I got a citizenship award frm RMS

  • I moved up to high school