BradPewt's TMTT Timeline

  • Sequence 1

    Sequence 1
    Benno and Heinz learned that they would be leaving Berlin soon without their parents because they were worried that it was not safe anymore because of Nazi persecution. They would be leaving on the Kinder transport.
  • Sequence 2

    Sequence 2
    Heinz and Benno get turned away from the Holland border when trying to escape Germany and Nazi persecution on the kinder transport.
  • Sequence 3

    Sequence 3
    Benno and Heinz attend Emmakinderhaus and write to their parents everyday.
  • Sequence 4

    Sequence 4
    Benno started bouncing from hostel to hostel until he got to England and the war started.
  • Sequence 5

    Sequence 5
    Benno and is wife Rita move to Toronto, Benno had a swatsika painted on his car one day.