Boy in striped pyjamas

  • Period: to

    The Boy in the striped pyjamas

  • Bruno and his family moved to Out-With

    Bruno is not fond of the idea
  • Bruno argues with Father about the move

    Bruno really dislikes Out-With and tells Father what he thinks
  • confronts father about not liking out-with

  • Bruno talks to Maria, the maid

    Bruno asks Maria how she feels about the move and
  • Bruno build a swing for himself

    Bruno build a tyre swing and falls
  • meets pavel

  • met herr liszt the tutor

  • Meets Shmuel

  • goes exploring

  • find out he lives in Poland

  • Pavel gets atttacked

  • Shmeul goes to Bruno's house

    Shmeul was brought to Bruno's house by luitenant Kotler to polish glasses
  • Grandmother Dies

    The family goes back to Berlin for 2 days were they live in their old house, but Bruno can't wait to go back to his other house which is a big change considering how much he wanted to go back to Berlin