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  • Establishment of Communism

    Establishment of Communism
    in 1848 Communism was established by Marx after Fleeing the German government because he was known as a political threat.
  • Adolf Hitler Beer Hall Putsch

    Adolf Hitler Beer Hall Putsch
    Adolf Hitler organizes a Bavarian Nationalists group to declare their new Government in Munich.
  • Hitler Youth Camps

    Hitler Youth Camps
    Hitler Youth Camps were mandatory for children to attend in order for them to be ready in helping the Nazi party. also used to undermine the values of traditional structures of German society.
  • The Reichstag Fire

    The Reichstag Fire
    On 02/27/1933 the German parliament building burned down. This was used by German officials to claim that Communists were planning a violent uprising.
  • Holocaust History

    Holocaust History
    A Jewish business man is murdered in Germany by people with Nazi views.
  • Nazi Camps

    Nazi Camps
    Nazi concentration camps were created in March of 1933 and ran until 1945. There was over 44,000 Nazi ran camps which held captured Jews, POW's, and people who were against Nazi Germany. These camps were used for many things but largely for Killing and Forced labor.
  • Book burnings in Nazi Germany

    Book burnings in Nazi Germany
    College students gather around to burn books with unGerman ideas.
  • Nuremberg Race Laws

    Nuremberg Race Laws
    The Nuremberg Race Laws were put into place in 1935 which derived Jews of citizenship, called them "subjects", and banned Jews from having relations with the Aryan race.
  • Jesse Owens Runs at the 1936 Berlin Olympics

    Jesse Owens Runs at the 1936 Berlin Olympics
    Jesse Owens was a track star for the U.S. Olympic team. During the 1936 Olympics he won 4 gold medals for America in front of Hitler.
  • Kristallnacht

    An enormous attack on the Jews in Nazi Germany after a young boy killed a man who a part of the German embassy for treating his father and family poor.
  • Ghettos

    Nazi's put Ghettos into place which were legally enforced living spaces for Jews living in Europe. Warsaw being the biggest ghetto with over 400,000 inhabitants.