Book Report - 20,000 Leagues Under The Sea

  • The Beginning

    M. Aronnax forms his crew with his assitant Conseil and Captian Ned Land aboard the USS Abraham Lincoln
  • The Search

    They begin searching for giant narwhals, in hope of finding the monster. They discorver one that they belive to be the creature and they puruse it.
  • The Capture

    After finally found the monster, they begin assulting it. The creature blasts them wiht water nocking them into the sea and maruning them, after hours of swiming ned, arrox, and conseil reach a "floating mass" in the middl eof the water, they are then capture by crew men and locked into the vessel
  • The Reveal

    After being locked into a room and attempting to communicate with the members aboard, they are freed under a condition. they must stay abord the ship now known as "Nautilus" for the rest of there lives. Useing this as an up and down Arrox begins to study undersea life
  • Period: to

    Adventures and Discorveries

    During there trip aboard the ship they saw many wonders and did many things, they went to an under sea forest and collect its good for meals and resources, they visites a pearl cove and got attacked by natives, they visited udner sea volcanos and saw from afar the lost (not anymore) city of atlantis. They went under teh artic oceana nd have gotten trapped under its ice, they went to a inactive underground volcano for salt and coal as fuel. and finnaly after a terrible storm they are tossed away