• First female bodybuilder

    First female bodybuilder
    Abbye Stockton was considered to be the first female bodybuilder. This was the first time women were involved with the bodybuilding sport and it showed its ever-growing community.
  • Evolution of fitness equipment

    Evolution of fitness equipment
    The cable machine was first invented which was a popular machine used by many bodybuilders and athletes today. It has helped many people grow strength and size due to its plethra of uses.
  • first and second Mr.Universe

    first and second Mr.Universe
    The first Mr.Universe competition was held in 1948 and was won by John Grimek. Then a second competition in 1950 was won by Steve Reeves. It drew the attention of bodybuilders everywhere.
  • Protein powder was invented

    Hi-Protein powder was the first ever protein powder to be invented. This marked the beginning of a very long chain of protein powder brands. Some were even used by professional bodybuilders.
  • Steroids become more widely used by bodybuilders

    Steroids became a lot more popular and bodybuilders everywhere were using them to enhance muscle performance, and muscle recovery.
  • Period: to

    Bodybuilding started to become more popular

    Through the 60s and 70s bodybuilding started to become a more popular thing in America. The use of supplements was increasing. After the release of "Pumping Iron" and Arnold's being the youngest person ever to win a Mr.Olympia title. Bodybuilding began to be noticed by more and more people.
  • First Mr.Olympia

    First Mr.Olympia
    The Mr. Olympia competition was a way for Mr. Universe winners to continue competing and make money. Today it is one of the biggest bodybuilding events in the world.
  • Arnold Schwarzenegger debut

    Arnold first made his professional bodybuilding debut at the 1967 Mr. Universe competition. He was only 20 years of age when he won making him the youngest Mr.Universe today. This marked the beginning of a very important and influential bodybuilding career that in the end helped make bodybuilding a more popular sport.
  • Period: to

    Golden age of bodybuilding

    The golden age of bodybuilding refers to when bodybuilding had reached its peak. It was very popular and people like Arnold Schwarzenegger and Ronnie Coleman took the world by surprise with their amazing physiques and strength.
  • Arnold's film "Pumping Iron" is released

    Arnold's film "Pumping Iron" is released
    The film "Pumping Iron" helped popularize the body building community and helped influence the golden age of bodybuilding.
  • Arnold gets the record for most Mr.Olympia titles

    Arnold Schwarzenegger won Mr.Olympia a total of seven times. He held the record for most wins until the record was beaten by Ronnie Coleman and Lee Haney.
  • Anabolic steroids were made illegal

    Anabolic steroids were eventually made illegal due to them being overused by many athletes. They also came with serious health risks involved with taking them. A lot of bodybuilders took steroids to compete so this became a problem. Bodybuilders continued to take steroids illegally.
  • First ever Arnold's sports festival

    A one-day body-building event that drew in a crowd of over 4000 people in 1989. Today hundreds of thousands of people come to watch thousands of athletes compete. It was well-known by bodybuilders everywhere and it changed the face of the entire fitness industry.
  • Ronnie Coleman's bodybuilding debut

    Ronnie Coleman made his first professional debut in the IFBB World Amateur Championship in 1992. He took the bodybuilding community by storm when he climbed his way to the top.
  • Ronnie Coleman ties for most Mr.Olympia wins

    Ronnie Coleman ties for most Mr.Olympia wins
    Ronnie Coleman won the Mr.Olympia title eight times consecutively. This tied him with Lee Haney for the world record of most wins. This solidified his place in bodybuilding history.