Bobby Rankin's timeline

  • Date of Birth

    I was born in the Williams Lake hospital mother Audrey Rankin (Sellars) father Robert (Bob) Rankin. I was born healthy without any disorders or allergies and continue so today.
  • Moved Homes

    When I was only two months old, my mum, my dad, my brother an two sisters moved from Deep Creek Indian Reserve to 712 4th Avenue.
  • Moved Homes

    We moved from our house in Sugar Cane to my current address on Lakeview Avenue.
  • Joined the WLYSA

    Starting soccer was a large event that made me into the athlete I have become.
  • Moved Homes

    I moved from 712 4th Avenue to 773 4th Avenue.
  • Started School

    Starting school is the biggest event other than being born for me.
  • Joined Hockey

    Starting playing hockey was another life changing event which changed my social interactions, physical capabilities, how much i put into things that i care about and other things that Itried to type out but could'nt put into words.
  • Moved Homes

    I moved from 773 4th Avenue to 605 Carson Drive
  • Sister's Fiancee Past Away

    Jearon Clement was a brother to me and to my other siblings.
  • Grandfather Past Away

    My "Papa" (what i grew up calling him) died of lung cancer at the age of 70.
  • Moved In With My Dad In Horsefly

    I lived with my dad and his looney old girlfriend in Horsefly for 2 months then I moved back with my mum.
  • Started High School

    The day I started going to school here .
  • Moved Back With My Mum

    I moved back from Horsefly to my mums house in Sugar Cane
  • Moved Homes

    I moved from 605 Carson Drive to Sugar Cane Indian Reserve
  • The Start of This School Year

    The day I stareted coming to your cass