Bob Goff

  • I'm with you

    "I used to want to fix people but now i just want to fix them." while Bob was in highschool he had a friend named Randy who agreed to go on a mountain trip with Bob, A lot of bob's ideas were crazy but randy stuck with him all the way.
  • sniper fire

    "iused to think i had to be a certain way to follow God,but now i know god doesn't want us to be typical."bob was in highschool he went in the woods with his friends and they shot Bb guns randomly and called whatever they hit the day his friend,Doug broke hisBBgun so he brought a pellet gun.withBbguns you can shooteachother without dealing out dammageother than bruiseswith a pellet gun youcould get badly hurt and that dayDoug unknowingly shotBob.he was okay and thhey were more careful
  • Ryan in love

    "i used to think being in love was the greatest thing to think about, but now i know love is never satisfied just thinking about it." Ryan asked bob for help proposing to his girlfriend and bob being a complete stranger with him, said "sure".
  • The reach

    "i used to be afraid of failing at something that really mattered to me, but now im more afraid in succeeding in things that dont matter."
  • The rearveiw mirror

    i used to think i culd shape surcumstances around me, but now i know Jesus uses surcumstances to shape me.

    i used to think God guided us by opening and closing doors,but now know God wants us to kick some doors down.
  • Sweet Mria

    I used to think god motivated us with ulrimatums, but now i know he pursues us in love.
  • Wedding Cake

    I used to think that being a beleiver was enough, but now i know jesus wants us to participate, nomatter what condition we're in.
  • Just say yes

    I used to think you had to be special for God to use you, but now i know you simply need to say yes.
  • the interveiws

    i used to think i had to be somebody improtant to accomplish things, but now i know jesus uses ordinary people more.
  • There's more room

    i used to think i needed an invitation to get into most places, but now i know i'm already invited.

    I used to think the words spoken about us described who we are, but now i know they shape who we are.
  • Bigger and better

    i used to think i needed a sacrafice for god, but now i know faith is like a game of bigger and better.
  • Jeepology

    "i used to think that the best teachers wore tweed jackets and smoked pipes, but now i knows that they flip over and leak."
  • Ten-Year-Old Adventure

    "I used to think that knowing god was like going on a buisness trip with him, but now i know he's inviting me on an adventure instead."
  • Hearing Aid

    "I used to think god wouldn't talk to me, but now i know i'm just selective with what i choose to hear"
  • The Puppeteer

    "I used to be afraid that if i was authentic i might take a it, but now i know being real means i will take a hit."
  • hasn't died jet

    bob goff is still alive and well :)
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