Blues Timeline LS

By Lucy S.
  • Ragtime Blues

    Ragtime Blues
    Ragtime had a profound influence on many early blues performances, striving to reproduce complicated piano sounds on the guitar.
  • Period: to


  • Tin Pan Alley Blues

    Tin Pan Alley Blues
    Tin Pan Alley extended to Rag Time, Blues, Jazz, Country, and Broadway music.
  • Folk Blues

    Folk Blues
    Folk blues is an early 20th-century solo vocal and acoustic fingerstyle guitar accompaniment.
  • Mimie Smith

    Mimie Smith
    Mamie Smith composed a version of "Crazy Blues" launching a label "Original Race Records" which exclusively advertised African Americans in black-owned newspapers.
  • Delta Blues

    Delta Blues
    A style of blues originating in the Mississippi Delta, typically featuring slide guitar and harmonica.
  • Oogie Boogie Blues

    A style of playing blues on the piano characterized by a steady rhythmic ground bass of eight notes in quadruple time and series of improvised melodic variations.
  • Jump Blues

    Jump Blues
    Jump Music is an upbeat tempo style of blues, usually played by small groups and featuring horn instruments, popular in the 1940s.
  • Electric Blues

    Electric Blues
    A type of Blues distinguished by the use of electric amplification for musical instruments.
  • New Orleans Blues

    A subgenre of blues that developed in and around the city of New Orleans, influenced by jazz and Caribbean music.
  • Chicago Blues

    Chicago Blues
    A form of music developed in Chicago, Illinois performed in an urban style. Developed during the first half of the 20th century.
  • Harmonic Blues

    Blues that contain harmonicas.
  • Country Blues

    Country Blues
    Country Blues is a simple form where a singer is accompanied by a guitar.
  • Soul Blues

    A genre of vocal soul music with a gospel-influenced bluesy sound.
  • Texas Blues

    Texas Blues
    Texas Blues is Blues music from Texas. As a regional style, its original form was characterized by jazz and swing influences.
  • Down-home Blues

    Acoustic folk blues with a guitar accompaniment.