Biotechnology affects on my life

By Caymus
  • Birth

    Brought into the world
  • Period: to

    Lucas Veca

  • Chicken Pox

    Chicken Pox
    I was vaccinated for Chicken Pox in order to keep me safe from this disease.
  • Saved

    My dog, Caymus, is saved from kidney disease through many vaccinations. He lives for another three years, eventhough the docters didn't think he would last more than one.
  • Cleaner water

    Cleaner water
    My family gets a water purifier and filter installed for cleaner and safer water.
  • Hepatitis B Vaccination

    Hepatitis B Vaccination
    In order for me to be accepted into George Washington Middle School I had to be vaccinated for Hepatitis B
  • Diagnosed

    My Grandma is diagnosed with heart disease. Thanks to biotechnology and modern medical equipment she is living a normal life.
  • KIdney Stones

    KIdney Stones
    My dad gets kidney stones and is rushed to the hospital. He stays their fir a few days, as they run tests and get rid of the stones.