Biography and Personal Events

Timeline created by jhosue
  • Born

    Another Happy day for my parents Casto and Hortencia Alvarez de Gutiérrez. I was born and I was called Josué María Gutiérrez Alvarez, the fourth of four siblings, one girl and trhee brothers.
  • Childhood

    I was born in Valledupar, Cesar and I grew up in La Popa´s neighbourhood, near Garupal, Dangong and las Flores.
    I studied my primary school in La Concentración Eduardo Suarez Orcacita, well known as Orcapiojo jajajajaja.
  • Highschool

    I started my highschool in El INSTPECAM I was studying there for six years until 1996 when I graduated with 155 partners.
  • University

    I staerted my studies in English and Spanish Language in 1998 and I fish my carrer in 2003, but because of my tesis I graduated in 2006 at last jejejeje.
  • Laboral Aspects

    I started working since I was in Fourth semester, It´s been greatful and meaningful for me, I began working in privated schools and with personal english teaching training for children at homes from differents schools.
  • Publics Schools

    I´ve been working with public school since I got my degree as an English and Spanish Teacher . First I was working in Rio de Oro, then I moved to San José de Oriente where I´m still working as an English Teacher.
  • Wedding

    On September the 24th I got married with Leidys Angarita, we both had a wonderful marriage, we are still happy jejejeje
  • First Baby

    Our first happiness is born in March the ninth. It was one of our best day. His name is Jerónimo.
  • Second Happiness

    Maria Gabriela has come to give us hope, she was born in May the third and she got home just 8 days after. she was born with some health problems, but as the time is passing by, she is getting stronger every day- I do love my Family.