Bianca Prentiss 4th Hour

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  • Bianca is born!

    Bianca is born!
    Duh. I was ejected into the world like a pilot out of a plane. Fast, easy, and sticking a good landing.
  • Went to Bali, Indonesia

    Went to Bali, Indonesia
    My first plane trip. I ended up falling asleep, falling out of the seat, crying for two minutes, and then falling asleep on the floor of the plane. They didn't even bother to move me because I just looked that comfortable.
  • Moved to the US (OK)

    Moved to the US (OK)
    Because, of course, I was not born in America. We lived out-of-country for a while before we ended up in the US again. Lucky me didn't even have to get a green card. Woot for automatic citizenship!
  • Natasha is born!

    Natasha is born!
    Tasha came into the world like a psych patient into the real world - kicking, screaming, and more than a bit unhappy. We loved her little, red, crying, pooping self anyways.
  • First ER visit

    First ER visit
    Being the genius I am, I stuck a screw up my nose when I was two. It was so far up my nose, my parents couldn't even get it out with pliers. You had to be there.
  • First trip to Thailand

    First trip to Thailand
    As to be expected, this trip wasn't that memorable. Mainly because I was a toddler. Mom said that it was pretty rough, seeing as she ended up on a 13 hour layover in Japan...
  • Move to Illinois

    Move to Illinois
    The first move out of many.
  • Got Sandy and Mandy

    Got Sandy and Mandy
    My first pets. I still have Sandy, luckily, and she's become quite lazy.
  • Move to Tennessee

    Move to Tennessee
    The second move out of many.
  • Mom receives citizenship

    Mom receives citizenship
    Yay for Momma! No more green card!
  • Second Trip to Thailand

    Second Trip to Thailand
    I still don't remember what happened on that trip, but I think there was a missed plane involved, and Dad's driving was a whole lot of fun seeing as he was practically breaking the speed of light trying not to miss that plane.
  • Moved to Oklahoma

    Moved to Oklahoma
    This is our last move, I believe. Hey.... I some how missed Ohio....
  • Joined Girl Scouts

    Joined Girl Scouts
    Oh boy, oh boy, the fun begins. Girl Scouts was something else, especially with my mom and Mrs. Kim involved.
  • Mandy Died

    Mandy Died
    Sadly enough, Mandy died after being hit by a car. Mom didn't tell us she'd died for nearly two weeks, but after dropping the bomb shell we cried for weeks on end. When a kid asks what happens to their dog... say they ran away.
  • Went to Grand Canyon with Grandparents

    Went to Grand Canyon with Grandparents
    This was my first spring break trip, and it was amazing. I loved the Grand Canyon. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to hike all the way down to the bottom, seeing as I was eight, but maybe I'll be able to try some time.
  • Trip to Thailand

    Trip to Thailand
    There's a reason for the gap. Because of SARS and other some such problems, Mom barred trips to Thailand for fear of us getting ill from respiratory illness or bird flu. This trip, I met Vivian, one of my best friends.
  • First rappelling trip

    First rappelling trip
    This was my first, long trip away from home. I went rapelling near the Quartz Mountains, and I nearly crapped myself going down the 30 ft. wall, but I did it. And of course I didn't almost cry and squeal like a baby. Of course not. That's absurd.
  • stayed at Grandma’s for two weeks

    stayed at Grandma’s for two weeks
    This was my first time being away from home for longer than a week. I went to my Grandma's in Indiana, which was nice. It was calm, quiet, /green/. Very... not like Oklahoma.
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